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How Can I Run DOS Games on Windows 7?


Do you miss those days playing your favorite games in DOS? This tutorial will show how to play those DOS-based games right in Windows 7.

First, you will need to download and install DOSbox. This tiny program works great on windows 7 and also on Windows XP and Vista.

1: Lauch DOSbox
2: Put all your DOS games in a folder (In this post is: F:\DOS)
3: In the command prompt type: mount F F:\DOS

4. Type: F: and hit enter to switch to drive F

5. To see all files and folders to DOS folder, simply type: DIR and hit enter.
6. Look for your favourite games there (the exe files)

7. Type the name of game with its extension to launch. For example to launch Mario type the following command: Mario.exe

To exit the game, hit the Esc button on your keyboard. To quit the program from the command prompt, type exit and hit Enter.

To download your favourite DOS games for free, you can visit: www.dosgamesarchive.com



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