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Word 2003: Open and Retrieve a Document Saved from Outlook

This tech-recipe explains how to retreive a Word document that was opened in Outlook and then saved into the temporary Outlook folder. Read on to find out how this is done.

I have encountered times when I will open a Word document from an Outlook email message and then save the document without realizing that I did not change the location where I saved it.

However, when I try to browse to the location in Windows Explorer, it is unavailable and does not show (i.e., C:\Documents and Settings\user id\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\OLKC9).

To get access to this document, we can use the following steps:

1. Open up a different email message with a Word attachment.
2. In Word, go to File > Save As.
3. This should open the usual Save As window. By default, it should open to the OLK## folder, and you probably will see other Word documents or attachments here.
4. Right-Click on the Word document we previously opened and saved, and choose Copy.
5. Now, go to your desktop, right-click, and choose Paste. You should now have that saved copy on your desktop.

This can be very useful if you ever need to get to any temporary attachment file or document you have saved that were opened directly from an email message. You can apply this technique to other files types, too (i.e., PDFs, .txt, etc.) that were opened directly from the email message as an attachment and that were saved to that temporary folder.

Jimmy S
Jimmy S
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