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Jawbone Directions FAQ

The jawbone is one of the best bluetooth cellular headsets available. Here are the basic directions for controlling this wonderful device.

Two buttons exist on the headset. Neither of the buttons are visible externally. Pressing at the very end of the headset near the earbud activates the NoiseAssassin (NA) button. This button is on the area of the headset that is almost at a 90 degree angle from the rest of the device and would be parallel to the back of the ear. Here is a photo demostrating the location of this button:


The TALK button is activated by pressing anywhere else along the length of the device.

Turn headset on/off – Press TALK for 2 seconds

(When the light turns red, the device is powering down. When the light turns white, the device is powering on.)

Answer call – Press and release the TALK button

Reject call – Press and release the NA button

Change volume – Press the NA button during a call. Each press cycles through the next volume change.

Turn NoiseAssassin off – During a call, press and hold NA button for 2 seconds. NoiseAssassin is always on by default.

Voice Dial – If available on your phone, hold NA button for 2 seconds while in standby mode and then speak command.

Redial – Press and release NA button three times in quick succession.

Turn off LED – Press and release talk button 5 times in quick succession while in standby mode.

Flip a call / Call Waiting – Press talk button to switch calls.

Activate Pairing Mode – Hold NA and talk button until LED flashes red and white.

Jawbone Passcode – 0000

David Kirk
David Kirk
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