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Posted December 16, 2013 by

Transfer Contacts from iPhone or Android to Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8

If you have just switched from Android or iOS to Windows Phone, it is important to transfer all the contacts from the old phone to the new one. Using the steps provided in this tutorial, you can copy over the contact data without any hassle using Bluetooth. Read on the find out how.

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Posted November 6, 2013 by

Windows Phone 8: Set Custom Tones for Calls, Text Messages, Voicemail, Email, and Reminders

feature win 8 set custom tones

Although Windows Phone offers a wide range of tones, you will still want to express yourself through custom tones. This tutorial will show you how to set custom tones for every type of notification.

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Posted October 20, 2013 by

Windows Phone 8: Lock Screen Orientation to Portrait or Landscape

screen rotate windows 8

By default in Windows Phone, the screen orientation will be switched automatically depending on the way you hold your phone. While this feature is convenient, it can also cause much frustration when you want to use a particular orientation only, especially when you use your phone in bed. Luckily, it is possible to lock the […]

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Posted October 20, 2013 by

Windows Phone: Receive Pre-Release Updates Early from Microsoft

windows developer feature logo

If you are an adventurous user who always wants to test out the new features in leaked Windows Phone firmware updates, you are in luck. With the Preview for Developers program, you can now receive pre-release firmware updates straight from Microsoft.

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Posted October 10, 2013 by

Windows Phone 8: High Contrast Theme

windows 8 high contrast feature

Even though modern phone displays have great visibility when used outdoors, they require a high level of brightness which drains the battery very fast, especially on AMOLED screens. Switching the phone’s screen to the inverted or high contrast mode is another good solution for using it in sunlight without worrying about draining the battery. Continue […]

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Posted October 5, 2013 by

Windows Phone 8: Tweak Screen Color on Lumia Devices

If you do not like how colors are presented on your Lumia’s display, you can use the Lumia color profile to tweak it to suit your taste.

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Posted September 25, 2013 by

Windows Phone 8: Change the Color of Accounts and Events in Calendar

The Calendar app in Windows Phone 8, by default, will assign a different color to each type of event or synced account. This may cause confusion when you try to identify which events come from which accounts. To better control and manage them, you can manually set the color for the events or accounts that […]

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Posted September 16, 2013 by

Windows Phone 8: Control and Limit Data Usage

If you are using a limited data plan, you always have to worry about the amount of data usage. Luckily, Data Sense from Nokia provides the perfect solution to let you keep track of your internet usage, see which apps consumes the most data, and set the data cap.

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Posted September 1, 2013 by

Windows Phone Development: Request More Ram for an Application

By default, every Windows Phone app and game will be granted 150 MB of RAM to use. If your app uses too much memory, the system will kill it automatically. This process ensures the phone runs stably and fast most of the time. However, with a complex app, it may be hard to keep the phone […]

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Posted August 25, 2013 by

Windows Phone 8: Turn On or Off the Glance Feature on Lumia Devices

Since the GDR2 and Amber update, most Lumia users will notice a small clock screen appears whenever they lock the device, and they now have the ability to double-tap to wake the phone up. While the double-tap to unlock feature seems useful, the clock may not. A small force or a change in light conditions […]

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Posted July 31, 2013 by

Windows Phone 8: Pin Email Label or Folder to the Start Screen

The minimalistic design of the email app inside Windows Phone 8 often causes navigating troubles for users, especially when they want to access labels or folders.

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Posted July 1, 2013 by

Windows Phone 8: Change the Name of Email Inbox

Whenever you add an email inbox to Windows Phone 8, the system will automatically give it a generic name, plus an incremented number if you have multiple inboxes from the same email service. This feature makes it very hard to manage and spot the inbox that you want to access. To sort out this problem, […]

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