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How to Control Who Can See Your Whatsapp Account Information

Take control of your WhatsApp account privacy by only showing your information to people you trust. This article will teach you how to control who can see your Whatsapp account information.

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Posted May 10, 2018 by

How to Change Chat Background on Viber

Are you tired of your mundane chat background on Viber? Do you find it kind of boring? Well, here’s good news. You can now have a nice and beautiful background image in your Viber chat. This article will guide you how to change chat background on Viber and choose from more than 70 pictures with […]

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How to Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages

How to recover deleted Whatsapp messages? Whatsapp’s delete message feature changed the instant messaging game once and for all. Now, users are able to delete a text that was never supposed to be sent to begin with. These wrongly sent messages contain vital personal revelations, from acknowledgements of love to critical secrets. No wonder, everyone is […]

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How to Enable Two-Step Verification on WhatsApp

Ill-intended people will never stop to try and hack accounts for their personal gain. Increase your privacy and security be learning how to secure your Whatsapp account by adding a layer of verification. This article will teach you how to enable two-step verification process on WhatsApp.

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How to Show Your Viber QR Code

QR code makes a lot of things and tasks easier. QR serve as a unique code identifier which when scanned returns a set of numbers which can be used for tagging and identification purposes. Learn how to show your Viber QR code so people can easily add you or invite you to a group.

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How to Send Videos Larger Than 16 MB on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp allows multimedia file sharing so you can easily transfer files such as videos to your friends. To keep their servers in good shape, WhatsApp needs to limit the size of the files sent to 16 MB. Files that are more than 16 MB cannot be shared over Whatsapp. The good news is that we […]

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How to Change the Hidden Viber Chat PIN

Hidden Viber chats can only be accessed using the special PIN code that the users used during the process of transforming a regular chat message to a hidden one. There is no way to normally view hidden messages without the 4-digit PIN code. Someone who knows your PIN code has access to the hidden messages […]

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How to Check End-to-End Encryption Code of WhatsApp Chats

One of WhatsApp forte is its security and privacy features. WhatsApp chat messages are one of the most secure in the world with each chat message having an end-to-end encryption. Here’s how to check end-to-end encryption code of WhatsApp chats.

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How to Enable Automatic App Updates on iPhone

Apps get updates from time to time to add or remove features, improve application performance, address issues, and to improve total users experience. This article will discuss how to enable automatic app updates on iPhone.

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How to Access Hidden Viber Chats

Hidden Viber chats are obviously not visible in the app’s regular interface. Hidden Chats cannot be accessed by regularly scrolling through your messages. You need specifically search for the user whom you have a hidden chat or enter a 4-digit code used to secure the hidden chat. This article will teach all the things you […]

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How to Set Viber to Automatically Delete Media Files

If you are a heavy Viber user, you may find yourself having storage issues as photos, videos, and other files tend to accumulate and take up a considerable part of your phone’s internal and external memory. You can avoid that messy situation by setting Viber to automatically delete media files. This article will guide you […]

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How to Backup Viber Messages

Do you have some Viber messages that are just too important to you? Then we have good news. Viber allows users to back up their messages so they can be accessed and restored anytime to any device. This article will show you how to easily backup Viber messages.

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