Leopard: Web Clip with Safari to Create Automatic Dashboard Widgets

   Posted October 16, 2007 by David Kirk in Mac OS X Leopard

With the new version of Safari in Leopard, you can turn at section of a web page into a dashboard widget. Using this new feature in OS X 10.5, I will show you how to make a digg dashboard widget in 15 seconds.

One of the neat new features in Safari within Leopard is the ability to make any portion of a web page into a dashboard widget. I’ll walk you through the process.

1. In Safari navigate to the page you want to use to make your widget

2. Select the Open This Page in Dashboard button (to the right of the address bar)

3. Select the portion of the page you want to turn into a widget with a click. Then select the blue Add button in the upper right-hand corner.

4. Place it where you want it on your dashboard.

5. By hitting (i) icon in the bottom left hand corner, you can change the “frame” of your widget as well.

5. Done!


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