XP: Remove a Failed Windows Installation or Update (Dual Boot)

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If you need to get rid of a second OS failed installation, use the following tutorial to guide you through the necessary steps.

This requires that you have another working OS on the system or that the new installation was an upgrade.

Boot up the computer into safe mode with command prompt only. There are several ways to achieve this, (e.g., delete, F8) depending on your system and Windows setup.

*You need to have the XP CD in the CD drive.
Then type the following: cd #:\, where # is the drive letter of your CD drive.
*If you only have one CD drive, try cd\.

Now that you are on the CD, move to the uninstallation file by typing cd \windows\system32. The cd, in this case, stands for change directory.

Now, run the uninstall by typing osuninst.exe.

This will bring up a menu. Follow the instructions to remove or revert your Windows installation.

NOTE: This theoretically should work for any Windows previous to XP, but there are no guarantees.

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