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Cisco CallManager Bulk Update – Route Pattern

To update a large number of route patterns, some database digging is required. This works with Cisco CallManager CCM 4.0(1) sr2a.

I recently created many route patterns and needed to change some parameters. Since there is no bulk editing tool, I was forced to change these parameters one at a time or break out the SQL Query Analyzer.

Luckily, I had included a description in the route patterns in question, so the query to find them was significantly easier.

In query analyzer, I started with the following:
use CCM0300
select * from dbo.NumPlan where Description = 'Site1'

This produces a list so that you can verify the correct number of rows from the messages tab. From the grids tab, take a look at the column names and data to verify the correct rows were returned.

Once you are satisfied with the row results, I tested changing the parameters in the CallManager web interface with a specific entry to find the columns which needed updating.

use CCM0300
select * from dbo.NumPlan where Description = 'Site1' and DNOrPattern = '9.1555666XXXX'

Three columns needed changing in my case, Other cases may vary. To change the values for all desired route patterns, I used this query:
use CCM0300
update dbo.NumPlan set fkDigitDiscardInstruction = NULL, CalledPartyTransformationMask = 'XXXXXXX', PrefixDigitsOut = '9' where Description = 'Site1'



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