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Twitter’s New Features in 2019 that Will Make Your Life Easier

On July 15th this year, users witnessed the emergence of a Twitter with new looks. Looks they can now change as they like. Twitter had been working on this new upgrade since the start of this year. The update is intended to make it simpler to move around Twitter; ranging from easy username changes to advanced search options. With this upgrade, the company aims to convey a progressively reliable, consistent experience across both the telephone and the web platforms with this update, according to a company representative. All the things that made you switch to the Twitter app will now make you switch to the Twitter web instead. Here’s a breakdown of Twitter’s new features in 2109.

2019’s New Twitter Features that will make your Twitter experience easy

Following are the main features Twitter has upgraded to:

New Navigation Features: The Left-Hand Sidebar

The updated experience simplifies navigation with a new, genuinely huge, left-hand sidebar that guides you to the entirety of Twitter’s key segments, like Notifications, Direct Messages, Explore, Bookmarks, Lists and the sky is the limit from there.

Upgraded, easy-to-navigate sidebar in the new Twitter.

Direct Messages Screen

The site now additionally includes a more inbox-like Direct Messages screen to view discussions in a single spot.

The new Twitter Direct Messaging feature.

Lights Out Modes

The new Twitter now supports prominent dull, Dim and dark Lights Out mode, alongside more options to customize Twitter through various themes and color choices.

New features in Twitter's customization options.

Presently, Moments is being minimized to the “More” menu in the redesign — as found in a test running prior this late spring. (More>Moments)

New feature to access the "Moments" section in the new Twitter.

Accessing the "Moments" section in the new upgraded Twitter.

The Explore Feature

Explore will guide clients to more live recordings and customized nearby minutes. This is additionally where you’ll discover Top Trends, while Personalized Trends are included on the right-hand sidebar on the home screen.

The new Explore section in Twitter containing personalized and top trends.

Bookmarks in the Navigation Area

Furthermore, Twitter at last brought the more than year-old Bookmarks highlight to the main navigational area.

Easily accessible Bookmarks section appearing on the right side bar in the new Twitter.

The Compose Highlight

The new Compose highlight has been somewhat changed also, with choices to incorporate a photograph, GIF, survey or emoticon now all in the base left — with the emoticon button presently swapping in for location button, due to lack of use of the latter.

The new Compose Tweet feature containing GIF, emoticon and image options.

Advanced Search Filters

Search got an update, also, which puts tabs for moving between “Top,” “Latest,” “People,” “Photos” and “Videos” at the top of the screen, with Advanced Search Filters on right side.

Updated Search, with tabs“Top,” “Latest,” “People,” “Photos” and “Videos” at the screen's top, with Advanced Search Filters on right side.

For those with different Twitter accounts, you would now be able to switch between them from the fundamental route.
In any case, the most observable change is the association and format of the Twitter home screen itself.

The Downside is…

…that the new navigation sidebar consumes a lot of browser space. This steals attention from the tweets themselves.

What you can do…

…is that you can make the webpage smaller, which conceals the navigation items’ names, leaving just their symbol, or enlarge tweet font size.

Why the Upgrade to Begin With?

Twitter most likely took this design option to streamline its utilization by progressively easygoing clients and newcomers. The organization has battled with client development since its commencement, changing how it reports metrics to portray its business. Losing your way around the new Twitter is going to be very unlikely now. It’s that simple.

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