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How to Get Your Twitter Posts (Tweets) to Show Up on Facebook

If you are using both Twitter and Facebook, why duplicate your efforts by having to generate separate posts for each social network that state the same thing. There are multiple methods available on Facebook that allow for various ways of integrating your Tweets into your Facebook.

If you are looking to simply be able to view Twitter while you are on Facebook, then the Twitter widget for Facebook is what you are looking for. Simply click the Install Twitter in Facebook button, authenticate and you’re done. Unfortunately, this method isn’t seamless.

The Twitter app for Facebook will automatically post your tweets to your Facebook newsfeed (or your Page).

The downside for this method is that if you choose to post your tweets, it will post all of them. Not a popular method for those that would like to control what Twitter posts show up on Facebook.

A far superior method is by using Selective Tweets for Facebook. This method allows you to post only the tweets that you want to Facebook. All you have to do to post a tweet on Facebook is to end your tweet with #fb. This is far better than the previous two methods as it provides seamless integration as well as content control.

Simply input your Twitter username in the One and only step textbox and click the Save button.

Rob Rogers
Rob Rogers
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