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How to Create and Send Predefined Messages on Your Facebook Page

Supporting a large number of customers on your Facebook page each day can be exhausting. Depending on your business, you may typically start conversations with your customers with similar statements, questions, or answers. If this is the case, creating a list of frequently used replies can save you time by eliminating the need to type the same responses repeatedly. Continue reading to find out how to create and send predefined messages on your Facebook page.

1. Log in to your Facebook account if you have not done so, and then switch to the page account.

2. Select the Messages section on the top navigation bar.


3. By default, you will see your page’s inbox. Select a chat to continue. It can be any chat thread. The predefined messages that we are going to create and use will be available across all threads.

4. Click the Choose a Saved Reply icon next to the Send button. You will then see a list of predefined messages.


5. To create a new one, simply click Create New Reply.


6. In the pop-up window, give the reply a title, and fill in the message. You can also add an image or personalize the message by adding the user’s name or your website URL.



7. When you are done, click Save Reply to save it.


8. Now that you have added a new predefined message, you can select it by clicking on the Choose a Saved Reply icon. It will save you a lot of typing if you support many people throughout the day.

9. If you ever want to delete a message, simply go back to the Saved Reply list, click the Manage Replies link at the top, select a reply and click the Delete button at the bottom left of the window. Deleted messages cannot be recovered, so you will have to create them again if you ever change your mind.



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Lê Hoàng
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