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Best Adult Web Hosting Providers You Can Surely Trust

Despite what you might thing, adult web hosting is not just about porn or graphic content. Sites that host content targeting people 18 or 21 years or older (depending on where you live) often require web hosts that allow adult content. This might involve the goods and services like gambling, tobacco, alcohol, cannabis or weapons. Whether the site is selling something or not, sites might need hosting providers that permit adult content.

It can be challenging to find a host for sites with adult content. If you are launching a new site, you will need a host that specialises in adult content so your site will remain online. Here is a list of some of the best options, from full-service adult web hosting to cheap adult hosting with essential features. We also pulled together information that will help you better understand adult web hosting.

What qualifies as an adult website?

An adult website typically offers content geared to anyone 18 or 21 years of age or older, depending on where you live. Age-restricted content is usually because of laws of a specific country or region. This might include advertising, sales of goods and services or informational content that targets mature audiences. Specifically, it might include content related to tobacco, cannabis, alcohol, gambling, firearms and pornography. As a result, the content needs to be hosted on sites that allow this type of content.

Our top 7 picks


Hostinger is consistently one of the top adult web hosting providers. This affordable option offers cheap web hosting without compromising on performance, offering some of the best uptime results and generous terms of service. There are no restrictions on adult content, as long as the content is not copyrighted or illegal.

Along with unlimited storage and bandwidth, you get unrestricted websites, subdomains, parked domains, databases and FTP users. This adult web hosting provider also offers free daily or weekly backups plus a free site builder and WordPress performance upgrades. Set up is quick and easy, and there is a user-friendly custom control panel and auto-installation scripts. In terms of security, the provider offers SSH access, domain privacy protection and unlimited (and free) SSL certificates.

Our Expert Rating:


Major Perks

  • Quick set-up

  • Unlimited resources, including databases, domains and storage

  • Free backups and site builder


DreamHost is one of the best WordPress adult hosting options. This affordable solution is easy to use and offers plenty of features. While the server response time and speed are slower than our top pick, the performance is reliable with a 100% uptime guarantee. Maintenance is not covered, so users can expect the occasional downtime but this should not impact you too much.

With its US-based server, this provider is typically best for users in the US. DreamHost also focuses on WordPress, offering a website builder and free email hosting. Domain privacy is free, as are automated backups and server monitoring. The WordPress site also means quick setting up is quick and easy, even for beginners. While there is customer support, the live chat option is only available during business hours.

Our Expert Rating:


Major Perks

  • Free domain privacy

  • Reliable uptime

  • Strong security features, including SSL


    Ideal for beginners, HostGators offers user-friendly adult hosting with affordable prices and all-inclusive plans. Users get everything they need to build a site. If you comply with local rules and copyright laws, adult content is not an issue.

    Features include a website builder, although it is limited to six pages. Plus, there is a native dashboard and control panel that are easy to use. There is also free SSL plus unlimited bandwidth, storage and email accounts. Furthermore - a custom domain. Speed and reliability are also strong.

    In terms of customer support, there is a 24/7 live chat option as well as telephone support. There are three shared hosting plans and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

    Our Expert Rating:


    Major Perks

    • Free website builder with user-friendly native control panel and cPanel

    • Fast and reliable performance with unlimited bandwidth

    • Affordable plans with free SSL, domain and email


    TMDHosting offers free SSDs and fast performance alongside some of the best features available on the market – all at affordable rates that are difficult to beat. This shared hosting solutions boasts a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Other features include a free domain name plus unlimited storage and bandwidth. TMDHosting also makes it easy to scale up performance and security as your site grows.

    Several plans are available based on your needs, including cloud, VPS, dedicated and managed WordPress hosting. When it comes to support, there is 24/7 help available by phone, live chat or email. With datacentres based in locations around the world, this is an ideal solution for adult sites targeting audiences in virtually any country.

    Our Expert Rating:


    Major Perks

    • Fast customer support response (average 15 minutes

    • Datacentres based in multiple international locations

    • Diverse and affordable hosting options


    InterServer is another reliable adult web hosting solution with affordable prices. This option is ideal for users with some experience with websites. Mature content is not permitted with shared hosting plans, so you need to opt for cloud-based VPS hosting. Content still needs to follow copyright and local laws, of course.

    The cloud VPS hosting’s interface can be difficult for beginners, although VPS and dedicated services make InterServer a great option for heavy-content sites. Features include a data transfer limit of 1 TB plus one core, 2 GB RAM and 30 GB of SSD storage. Domain privacy is available at a small fee. In terms of performance, uptime is 100% and the average response time is 1.01 seconds – one of the main weaknesses of this option.

    Our Expert Rating:


    Major Perks

    • Affordable cloud VPS hosting plans

    • 100% uptime

    • Server management option


    Hostwinds is a high-performing solution, offering plenty of affordability without sacrificing performance. Several private server packages are available, making it ideal for adult website content. There are managed and unmanaged VPS options, and plans are available for Windows and Linux. Plans also feature cloud hosting with hourly or monthly billing. Another great perk with Hostwinds is instant upgrades with no downtime, minimising disruptions.

    There is also free 24/7 monitoring and automatic nightly backups for an additional fee. Set-up is also quick, and Hostwinds provides 30 GB to 750 GB SSD disk space. Other features include a free dedicated IP address and 24/7 customer support. As with other providers on this list, Hostwinds has datacentres based in the United States.

    Our Expert Rating:


    Major Perks

    • Affordable VPS hosting plans, with managed and unmanaged options

    • Free 24/7 monitoring

    • Instant upgrades that reduce downtime


    For businesses, LiquidWeb offers top hosting with managed VPS and industry-leading security features. You benefit from a 100% uptime guarantee and 24/7 customer support. This adult hosting provider is ideal for experienced users as well as businesses that are selling online or for web-based apps. All content is allowed as long as it complies with local laws, especially when it comes to copyright, privacy and data protection.

    While you are responsible for the application installation and general settings, LiquidWeb takes care of serves and maintenance. With its managed VPS services, this hosting provider lets you custom configure software and offers plenty of dedicated resources. There are constant backups, up to 200 GB storage, 40 GB SDD and 10 TB bandwidth. Other features include SSL certificates and domain privacy at an additional fee.

    Our Expert Rating:


    Major Perks

    • Managed VPS with good control panel

    • 100% uptime guarantee

    • Top security features

    Why host an adult website?

    An adult website is often necessary if you plan to share content or sell goods and services targeted to a mature audience. This typically means you are selling something or positing information meant for users defined as an adult in the location you serve, which usually means people at least 18 years of age. In some countries or regions, however, adult legal age is higher (19 or 21). Using an adult web hosting provider that specifically allows mature content will reduce the risk of your site being removed. It offers you a more reliable way of keeping your website live, which is particularly important for businesses.

    What features to look for in your provider?

    Content allowed

    The first feature to look at is the terms of service to make sure they allow adult content. Not all providers allow content restricted by local laws, including information or goods and services related to tobacco, alcohol, cannabis, weapons and pornography.

    Speed and performance

    Fast connections and performance are important features. For content that takes up a lot of bandwidth like videos, it is important to have a fast connection. Uptime should be at least 99.9%, average response time should not exceed 450 milliseconds and page loading times should be under 3 seconds.


    Security and privacy are also important, especially if you plan to sell goods or services through the site. When you register a domain, your information is available on the WOIS database. Some web host providers offer a domain privacy service to keep your details private.

    Customer support

    Finally, consider the quality of the customer support offered by the hosting provider. The best providers offer 24/7 chat support, fast responses and professional staff experienced with dealing with adult content.

    What are the dangers to hosting an adult website?

    Some website hosting providers may not want to host adult websites because of public perceptions of the content, particularly when it comes to pornography or the sale of certain goods like cannabis and firearms. Other hosting providers may not want to accept adult websites because laws differ from location to location, making it difficult to monitor and ensure users are complying with local rules. To keep things simple, providers may decide to prohibit adult websites.

    The risks of hosting adult websites are relatively low. Website owners still need to comply with local laws, including rules related to copyright, privacy and data protection. If an adult website does not comply with these rules, a hosting provider can remove the content or shut down your site.

    Allowed and Prohibited Content

    Each adult web hosting provider allows or prohibits different types of content, which is why it is important to read the terms of service. Adult web hosting providers typically allow content related to tobacco, cannabis, alcohol, firearms and pornography. As well as other content that might be restricted by local laws to people considered adults (that is, 18 to 21 years of age depending on the location). Web hosting providers that wish to stay away from this type of content will typically ban this type of content.

    Do all hosting providers allow adult content?

    No, some hosting providers restrict adult content in their terms of service. Such Hosting providers will usually remove your content if your site has adult themes. When choosing your provider for an adult website, you need to make sure they allow mature content on their sites. Read their terms of service thoroughly or even contact them directly with your queries.

    Final verdict

    Several web hosting providers allow adult websites and offer hosting services at affordable rates. Anyone looking to set up an adult website needs to consider the terms of service of the provider to ensure they do not prohibit mature content. Once you confirm that adult websites are allowed, choosing a provider is just like choosing any other web hosting service. You should consider the price, performance, security and features offered. As long as you comply with local laws, you will have no problems with your adult website.

    Make sure you also check our article on best cheap web hosting providers – you will find it useful during your search for the perfect one.




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