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Zune HD: Internet Browser Tips

The Zune HD comes with its own web browser for surfing the internet when the device is connected to a wireless network. The fullscreen browser is based on Internet Explorer Mobile 6 and offers multitouch functionality. Here are some tips for using your Zune HD for surfing the web.

To bring up the address bar and keyboard, tap the URL at the bottom of the screen.

To clear the address bar so that you can input a new URL, press and hold the back button that is located in the address bar.

If you want to go to a site that uses a different TLD than .com, press and hold the .com button and select the desired TLD from the list (net, org, .edu or .gov).

Change the orientation of the displayed page from portrait to landscape by rotating the device.

Use pinch to zoom in and out for better viewing of web content.

To fully zoom in on an object, double tap on an image, form element, or column.

Swipe upwards or downwards to scroll up and down the web page.

To delete your web browsing history:

1. Go to the Homescreen.

2. Tap settings.



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Rob Rogers
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