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Integrate Maven into Eclipse via m2eclipse

Maven is a useful cross-language tool that enables the user to import dependencies into a project and will automatically resolve transitive dependencies. Maven can be used as a command-line tool; however, to unlock its true potential, you should integrate it into Eclipse.

1.In the Eclipse IDE, navigate through the Help menu to Install New Software.

2.Navigate to the m2eclipse plugin page on the Eclipse website located at in order to obtain the latest release information. Copy the latest release information to the clipboard (Ctrl+C).

3.In the Eclipse IDE, click the Add button in order to add the new software repository location for m2eclipse.

4.Choose an appropriate name (e.g., “m2eclipse Plugin”), and enter it into the Name field. Paste the copied repository location into the Location field. Click OK.

5.In the resulting drop-down list, select all available entries in order to install the complete plugin. Click Next.

6.For each item chosen in the drop-down list, you may review the details of the software to be installed. Do this, if you choose, and then click Next.

7.Read and accept the licensing terms, and click Finish.

8.You will be prompted with an Installing Software progress bar. It is necessary to wait for this installation operation to complete in order to use the m2eclipse plugin. If you would like to do other work while waiting for the installation to complete, you may click the Run in Background button.

9.After the software installation is complete, it is necessary to restart Eclipse by clicking Yes when prompted.

10.To check that the m2eclipse plugin is installed, create a new Maven Project.

Now that you have the m2eclipse plugin added to Eclipse, you are well on your way to being more productive by using Maven to resolve dependencies in your Eclipse projects.

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Alex Bahdanovich
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