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How to Turn Off Pokemon Go Augmented Reality

A big part of what makes Pokemon Go so universally loved is that it gives players the ability to see Pokemon appear in the real world through augmented reality. In fact, Pokemon Go is the game that is introducing the concept of augmented reality to the masses. You can find plenty of articles like this one  which show Pokemon appearing in humorous places. However, there is a downside to using this fun feature in the game: It is harder to catch Pokemon and win gym battles while augmented reality is turned on. The steps in this tutorial explain how to turn it off.

Turn Off Augmented Reality While Catching Pokemon


1.Launch Pokemon Go, and walk around until a Pokemon appears. Tap on it to try to catch it.

2.Now that you are facing off with the Pokemon, move your phone around and notice how the Pokemon stays put. This means that if you move your phone up and down, the Pokemon will move to the top or bottom of your screen or off of it completely. Toggle the Augmented Reality switch labeled AR in the upper right corner of your screen. Turn of Augmented Reality Pokemon Go

3.Now the Pokemon will appear on a stable animated background. Moving your phone around will no longer cause the Pokemon to move around. This makes it much easier to nail that Pokemon with your Pokeballs. Pro tip: If you still miss a toss, tap on your Pokeball before it rolls off screen to return it to your inventory. Catch Pokeon without Camera

Turn Off Augmented Reality While Fighting Gym Battles


1.When you find yourself at a gym, click the boxing glove icon in the bottom right to enter a gym battle. You can do this at enemy gyms or at friendly gyms for experience. start-pokemon-go-gym-battle

2.On the screen where you are prompted to select your Pokemon for battle, toggle on the AR switch to turn off Augmented Reality. augmented-reality-pokemon-go-gym-battle

3.Now when you begin the battle, you will see your opponent on an animated battleground instead of projected onto the real world. The fact that you do not have to hold your phone still to keep your opponent in view while furiously tapping on him can give you the edge you need to be victorious. augemnted-reality-off-gym-battle

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