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Tech-Recipes Debates: Is the iPad 2 a Worthwhile Upgrade?

Apple will soon be releasing the second generation of the iPad. Will it be as successful or revolutionary as the first release? Will you be upgrading to the iPad 2? Several of our tech-recipes authors recently discussed this. Keep reading for their thoughts.

Jimmy Selix:

Hmmm, iPad 2? I’m feeling more like its the iPad 1.5 with .5 more magic. 😉

If the iPad 1 still supports iOS 4.3 and all the apps, I don’t see any point at all on upgrading for current iPad users/owners. It won’t make me leave my Galaxy Tab thats for sure. Why does the WiFi only version still not have an A-GPS chip in it? It doesn’t make sense to me since most would use it w/their phone or hotspot connection on the go.

David Kirk:

I don’t get all the iPad 2.0 hate. The first iPad is still the best tablet out. The second generation is faster, lighter, more power, more space. Now it has HDMI out, dual cameras, and a better case! Haters going to hate!

Other than to keep the wifi-only price down, I too am baffled why it lacks GPS. It does have the gyroscopes though.

Rob Rogers:

The hardware changes made to the iPad 2 were rather disappointing to me. First off, why add a camera to the back? Do you really want to use a tablet as a camera? Another major disappointment is the lack of any microSD ports. Being able to add storage to your tablet is a must. My ViewSonic G Tablet has a microSD port that is easily accessible, so I can switch out cards without any problems. Makes it easy to dedicate an SD card to videos for when I’m on the go. Just plug it in and it’s movie time. The G Tablet also has a slave USB port which allows me to access files on a USB drive. Why didn’t Apple add any additional support to their hardware?

I’m not an Apple hater, I just think that if you are going to make a second generation of a product, you should have added enough to it where owners of the first generation would be tempted to upgrade. I have a first gen iPad and wouldn’t consider shelling out the money for an iPad 2. There just isn’t any justification to do so.

The first generation iPad set the bar high, very high. It was a very impressive device (still is). I just think that the bar was too high for Apple to produce a second gen device so quickly and with so little to offer in comparison. This is like going from Windows 98 to Windows ME (I can feel Quinn cringing from here), some nice additions but hardly worth the time, effort, and money to upgrade.

Jimmy Selix:

Hehe, yea. The iPad too did set the bar way too high. I honestly think we’ll see the 7″ iPad, but it’ll be branded as an iPod XL or similar and probably not include a 3G radio option (Just so apple/jobs can keep face in saying that there’d never be an 7″ iPad).

i’ve been thinking of buying a first gen iPad just because of the cheap price and the fact that all the upgrades work on it minus facetime/photobooth. Also, there’s a reason why they top the iPad’s storage at 64GB, there aren’t any 64GB SDHC cards yet. Once we see them hit mainstream, iPad will prob be available in 128GB to counter competitors and external storage. Apple’s smart, too smart at times!

Quinn McHenry:

Oh, SNAP! Even Samsung doesn’t like their own Tab! Sorry, Jimmy!

Rob, I think you need a rear-facing camera to make facetime fun.. so you can show someone what you’re looking at while seeing them (and seeing what you’re showing them). It’s not meant to replace a dslr.

I haven’t really chimed in, but I’m tickled with the iPad2. Strong upgrade, IMHO. We’re really excited about it in the office. The bump in graphics will make things that we do much easier (for lucky iPad2 owners). We’ll see some incredible apps leverage the increased horsepower. Or at least those of us who get one will. 😉

David Kirk:

The miniSD won’t be needed once everything is cloud-based. Quickly moving files between devices continues to be any tablet’s albatross. There is no miniSD on the iPhone anyway, so that doesn’t help. Apple is an “addition by subtraction” design company. It’s the style, the philosophy.

I can’t imagine what the the new power of the iPad is going to do to digital hardware sales. With enough power, the majority of digital music, photo, video and audio hardware can easily be replicated on a powerful enough iPad.

As I have previously stated, any platform is only as powerful as its apps. Nobody would by a gaming device without the best games. Nobody will buy a tablet without the best apps.

Jimmy Selix:

True. Sadly true. I honestly feel that the carriers killed the galaxy tab. The price for it is still a bit ridiculous. I still stand by my tab over an ipad due to the photography mantra of the better device being the one thats always there and ready. The 10″ size is great for the living room, plane, car (backseat/passenger), bed or hotel room; but man, try whipping it out on a bus or train? Or putting it in your coat pocket for a night out?

Size for me as a mobile user is KEY! It’s the reason why I love my mbar! It kills every netbook out there. BAR NONE! Suck that netbooks!

David Kirk:

Let me sum it up…

The first generation iPad was revolutionary and reinitiated the world of tablet computing. The second generation is faster, thinner, and adds forward/rear facing cameras along with position gyroscopes. Second generation devices are never as earth-shattering as the initial first generation release.

Developers like Quinn are licking their chops at the potential of more computing powers. Currently, however, there are not a lot of apps that push the first generation iPad to its limits. In fact, even the new versions of Garage Band and iMovie will be able to run on the first generation iPad.

The Android tablets on the market have definitely been affected by this upgrade. These devices continue to be an option for those wanting better specs, customization, and an alternative to Apple’s minimialist philosophy.

Unless facetime/skype makes the cameras a necessity or a killer iPad 2 application appears, the second generation iPad will likely be only a luxury upgrade for many existing iPad owners. However, the smaller size, more power, and beautiful case system will likely entice many new users into Apple’s iPad world.

David Kirk
David Kirk
David Kirk is one of the original founders of tech-recipes and is currently serving as editor-in-chief. Not only has he been crafting tutorials for over ten years, but in his other life he also enjoys taking care of critically ill patients as an ICU physician.


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