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iPhone 4 FaceTime Tutorial: Enable, Disable, and Free Wifi Calls

FaceTime is one of the most interesting features of the new iPhone 4. In this tutorial we will talk through some of the common questions such as enabling and disabling. Surprisingly, FaceTime can be used to make free iPhone to iPhone calls if both devices are on wifi networks.

FaceTime is Apple’s push into video calling. Currently, it is only available between two iPhone 4 devices on wifi. However, Apple is expected to open the protocols to more devices and developers in the future.

First of all, several of my more paranoid friends have asked me how to disable FaceTime on their iPhone 4. I’m introverted enough that I barely talk on the phone. I’m sure some people will never want to video chat.

Here is how to disable/enable FaceTime:

1. Click Settings icon
2. Select Phone
3. Slide the FaceTime slider either ON or OFF.

enable or disable iphone 4 facetime

How to Initiate a FaceTime call from a standard cellular call:

1. Make a standard voice call
2. Hit the FaceTime button during the call.
3. The other party will make the decision to accept of decline the FaceTime call.

How to make a free wifi to wifi FaceTime call:

The free wifi to wifi video calling is very interesting. International customers will be able to save a lot of money this way. By initating the call completely through wifi, you avoid the AT&T cellular network completely.

1. Find and select the person you wish to call in your contact list
2. Scroll to the bottom and press the FaceTime button

iphone facetime 4 contact

David Kirk
David Kirk
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