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How Do I Create an Event in the Calendar App on My iPhone?

The Calendar app on your iPhone helps you keep track of appointments and events that are important to you. You can use your iPhone to schedule reminders for dates and meetings through the Calendar app. You can create a new event, edit an existing activity, or delete a calendar entry. To learn how to create a new calendar event on your iPhone, read through the whole article.

How to Add an Event on the Calendar App on iPhone

To create a new Calendar event on your iPhone, follow these procedures:

1.Go to your Home screen by pressing on the Home button on the middle part of the phone.Home screen of iphone
2.From the Home screen, locate the Calendar app, and tap on it.iPhone 6 - Calendar icon
3.Tap on the Plus icon located in the upper-right corner of the screen. iPhone 6 - Calendar - Add event icon
4.A New Event screen will pop-up. iPhone 6 - Calendar - New Event
5.Enter a Title for the event.iPhone 6 - Calendar - Add a Title
6.Enter a Location for the event.iPhone 6 - Calendar - Add Location
7.Tap on the All-Day switch, and enable it to set the event for the whole day. iPhone 6 - Calendar - All Event Button
8.Choose a Start and End date and time.iPhone 6 - Calendar - Start and End Date
9.Tap on Repeat to choose how frequently you want to repeat the event.iPhone 6 - Calendar - Repeat button
10.Choose a Repeat option for the event. iPhone 6 - Calendar - Repeat frequency options
11.Tap on Custom if you want to customize how often the event repeats.iPhone 6 - Calendar - Custom frequency button
12.Tap on Travel Time to add a travel time to the event.iPhone 6 - Calendar - Travel Time
13.Tap on Alert to set an event alert at a preset time before and after the event. iPhone 6 - Calendar - Alert
14.When you are done, tap on the Add button located on the upper-right part of the screen. iPhone 6 - Calendar - Add event button
14.The newly added calendar event will be saved on the chosen date. Tap on the date to see the events for that day.iPhone 6 - Calendar - Events

You have just learned how to create an event in the Calendar app on your iPhone. You can also edit and delete events on your iPhone. Now, you can keep track of tasks and events using your phone. If you have any issues with using the Calendar on your device, leave us a message in the comments section below.

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Leomar Umpad
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