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How to Add a Legacy Contact on Facebook for iPhone

Facebook has silently rolled out an update earlier this year that allows you to assign a specific person to manage your Facebook account even after you have passed away. In the most basic sense, the chosen contact can accept or decline your friend requests, change your profile picture, and post important announcements on your timeline. A legacy contact on Facebook can be allowed to download data that you have shared using your Facebook account. Furthermore, your legacy contact, with your permission beforehand, has the ability to delete your Facebook account. This article will discuss adding on a legacy contact using the Facebook app for iPhone.

How to Create a Digital Last Will and Testament on Facebook for iPhone

The Legacy Contact feature on Facebook is basically a digital last will and testament. You can send a message, save your important usernames, passwords, and other important items to a trusted person. To add a Legacy Contact on Facebook using your iPhone, follow these steps:

1.Go to your iPhone’s Home screen by pressing the Home button once.Go to iPhone's Home screen
2.From the Home screen, swipe left until you get to the Facebook icon. Tap on Facebook’s icon to open the app.iphone - Facebook icon[
3.You will be taken to your News Feeds. Tap on the Menu icon on the lower-rightmost part of your iPhone’s screen.iphone - Facebook Menu on Newsfeeds
4.In your Menu, scroll down until you get to the bottom.iphone - Facebook - Menu - Scroll down
5.Tap on Settings.iphone - Facebook - Menu - Settings
6.Tap on Account Settings.iphone - Facebook - Menu - Settings - Accont Settings
7.Under Account Settings, tap on Security.iphone - Facebook - Menu - Account Settings - Security
8.One option in the bottom part of Security is Legacy Contact – tap on the option.iphone - Facebook - Menu - Account Settings - Security - Legacy Contact
10.Choose a trusted contact. A close and trusted family member is recommended. Tap on Done.iphone - Facebook - Security - Legacy Contact photo
11. You can create a message for your Legacy Contact. You have the option to send the message right away or you can wait until you pass away.iphone - Facebook - Security - Legacy Contact - Optional Mesage
12.The trusted contact is now your Legacy Contact. He/She can then act based on the permissions you have given.

What do you think of the Legacy Contact feature on Facebook? In cases where a person leaves a will and testament using a Legacy Contact, will the message be considered as legal and executory in your country? Please let us know in the comments.

Leomar Umpad
Leomar Umpad
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