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Posted March 5, 2007 by

Vista: Setting a Video as a DreamScene Background

One of the Vista Ultimate Extras is a piece of eye candy known as DreamScene. It brings your desktop to life by allowing you to use video as your desktop background. To utilize this functionality, your graphics card must support the Aero interface and the videos must be .mpeg or .wmv format.

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Posted March 1, 2007 by

Vista: Making Only Administrators UAC Free

Vista incorporates a feature called the User Account Control (UAC) to help ensure that users don’t accidentally make unwanted changes to their system by prompting them for admin authorization. UAC is also useful in stopping malware from grabbing admin privileges without the user knowing it. However, if you are an Administrator on the PC, the […]

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Posted February 27, 2007 by

Vista: Getting Adobe Flash Player to Work

Here’s the scenario: you download the latest and greatest version of the Adobe Flash Player. After it finishes installing, you go to a site featuring Flash content and are greeted with a message notifying you that you need to install Flash Player, but didn’t you just do that? To properly update your Flash Player, you […]

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Posted February 26, 2007 by

Vista: How to Clear Reports from Parental Controls

In order to more easily keep an eye on what your children are accessing on your computer, it is wise to perform periodic maintenance. You should clear your reports once in a while to prevent having to constantly wade through long lists of old data. To clear the reports, follow these steps:

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Posted February 26, 2007 by

Vista: Enable Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) in Windows Mail

If you are sending an email out to a few people or a mailing list, you probably are wanting to hide the list of addresses from each recipient. You do this by using the blind carbon copy field in the message you are creating. Windows Mail has this field hidden by default, to unhide the […]

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Posted February 24, 2007 by

Vista: Disable Secure Desktop When Prompting for Elevation

If you have the User Account Control turned on, you have noticed that it causes a sudden change in the desktop display everytime it prompts for elevation. This can become annoying for some users. You can disable the secure desktop when prompting for elevation while keeping the UAC turned on. Follow these steps:

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Posted February 23, 2007 by

Vista: Update Your Performance Score

When Vista is installed, it calculates a performance score based on your processor, memory, graphics, gaming graphics, and hard disk. The base score will be equal to the lowest subscore of the 5 components. If you have changed hardware or installed new drivers, you may want to find out what your new performance score has […]

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Posted February 22, 2007 by

Vista: Associate a File Type with a Specific Program

Previous versions of Windows had an easy way of accessing a list of file types and what program they were associated with. Vista also allows you to do this, but it takes a little hunting before you can find it.

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Posted February 21, 2007 by

Vista: Using Windows Mail as a Newsreader

There are thousands of newsgroups out there covering everything under the sun. Even if you are using another application for your email needs, you might want to try out Windows Mail for accessing newsgroups (for instance, Outlook cannot be used as a newsreader).

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Posted February 19, 2007 by

Vista: How To Set the AutoPlay Options

Vista utilizes the AutoPlay function to perform the appropriate task when a CD or DVD disc is inserted. Depending on the type of media on the disc (audio, DVD movie, pictures, audio files, etc.), Windows will take the action you selected and perform it for that media type. AutoPlay can be quite useful once you […]

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Posted February 16, 2007 by

Vista: Change Recycle Bin Space Allocation

The default settings for allocating space for deleted files that go to the Recycle Bin may be set to high (especially if you use large capacity drives). You can customize the space set aside on each drive or turn the feature off for any or all drives. To change the amount of space allocated, follow […]

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Posted February 15, 2007 by

Vista: Modify Locations that are Indexed

Frustrated that Vista won’t search where you want it to? You can easily check to see what folders are currently being indexed, add new folders, and remove current ones. Modifying the indexing will allow you to improve the search performance on your system by adapting it to index only what you need. To modify the […]

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