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Vista: Connect to a Network Projector

Your organization may utilize network projectors for meetings and conferences. To use these projectors, your computer must be connected to the local network and you will need to allow communication to pass through the Windows Firewall.

1. Click the Start button.

2. Select All Programs.

3. Click Accessories and select Connect to a Network Projector.

4. When prompted by the Windows Firewall, allow permission to connect to a Network Projector by clicking Yes.

5. Next, specify how you will connect to the projector. The choices are Search for a projector and Enter the projector address.

6. If you select Search for a projector, the wizard will produce a list of available projectors. Select the desired projector, input the password (if necessary) and click Connect.

7. If you know the address of the network projector, click Enter the projector address. Input the address for the projector and input the Projector password. Click Connect.

Rob Rogers
Rob Rogers
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