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Posted November 8, 2017 by

How to Allow Specific People to Call on Do Not Disturb Mode on iPhone

Schedule Do Not Disturb Mode on iPhone

Sometimes, the iPhone can be a distraction. You can use the Do Not Disturb feature to block any notification while your iPhone’s screen is turned off. However, there are certain people whom you want to contact you regardless if you are sleeping or doing something important. This article will discuss how to allow specific people […]

Posted October 5, 2016 by

How to Change Siri’s Voice in macOS Sierra


With the introduction of macOS Sierra, Apple has brought Siri to Macbook. Now Macbook users can use Siri on their laptops just like they do on their iPhones. Similar to the iPhone version, Siri on your Mac comes with the female voice by default, and the language is in sync with system defaults. The default […]