Windows 7: How to Execute Programs from the Search Run Box as Administrator

Posted November 29, 2010 by Siddharth Bose in Windows 7

Many of us make extensive use of the search run box provided in the Windows 7 start menu. However, if we normally start a task from the start menu, it does not execute with administrator rights. Here is how to change that.

Go to the Start menu and type the application name in the run box.

Then instead of pressing the Enter key, press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to run the task as an Administrator.

The task should be started as an Administrator. If you have User Account Control (UAC) enabled, then the UAC screen is opened which you have to accept.

This is an extremely easy and time saving method to run applications as an administrator.

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  • Guest

    Very nice.

  • That was cool. I was expecting to read a post about right click cmd.exe and choosing “run with highest privileges”, and I found this instead. neat 🙂

  • seinfeld5a

    Thanks for this. I was wondering if the search box and the run box are exactly the same.

  • This will eliminates the hassle of right-clicking and selecting Run as administrator.

  • I am a little bit short-spoken since I was very young,because I do not

    like talking too much ,if there is a choice,I would rather doing or

    talking.I don’t know why.maybe this is me inborn.

  • MrPloops

    That’s nice.
    But is there a way to put arguments after the program name? I can’t make it work…