Outlook 2000 and Greater: Free Outlook Backup Tool from Microsoft

   Posted March 28, 2005 by David Kirk in Microsoft Outlook

This nice freebie from Microsoft creates scheduled backups of your Outlook information.

Are you a backup person? I am. I want copies of everything I own spread across my entire personal network. Manually backing up and restoring Outlook has always been a pain. Remembering to do so is even worse.

Microsoft has released a free download to help us with backing up and restoring our Outlook information.

Direct Download
Microsoft Information Page

After installing the program, you can find the new plug-in called backup under the FILE menu in Outlook. Clicking this will walk you through the process.

Backup those files!


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The Conversation

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  • Lars

    Does this add on work with Outlook in Office 2000? MS Website says System Requirements: MS Office 2002, 2003, or 2007.

    I recently reformatted my laptop (full of junk from kids being on it over the years) and still run MS 2000 on it. Had back up before (Under Files), but Back Up doesn’t show up now. Not sure when I installed back up — software was loaded 3+ years ago, but I didn do all the MS office updates.


  • Steven

    Ahhh, Microsoft’s download page clearly says that this is for Outlook 2002 and beyond; Outlook 2000 is not supported.

  • Nino

    good add-on


  • Lars123

    My favourite tool to backup my outlook data is Lookeen Backup Manager http://www.outlook-backup.com/en/ Check it out!