Android: How Do I Backup my Contacts?

   Posted September 5, 2010 by David Kirk in Android

For many people, the phone numbers and addresses contained within their contacts are extremely valuable. Backing up this information is essential in case the android device is stolen or destroyed.

Eventually when everything is stored in the cloud, backing up contacts will not be as important. However, for now, it is an essential part of life. Many of us have worked years to collect our contacts. They can be priceless.

Here is how to backup your phone numbers, addresses, and other contact information on your android device.

1. Go to your Contacts
2. Press the physical Menu button
3. Press the virtual More button in the lower right corner

select the backup button

4. Select Back up contacts

press backup button

5. Select SIM card or Memory card

backup contacts to either sim or memory

I frequently backup to a separate memory card on a routine basis and store it in my office. Then if my phone ever dies or is stolen, I can repeat the process and import from my memory card.


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  • they are already backed up in the cloud, if your phone is wiped or replaced they will automatically be pulled down to the phone once you login

    • Yeah, I love that about Android devices. The question is not if you are paranoid, but if you are paranoid enough! 🙂

      I agree that backing up is not as essential with Android devices… but it is certainly still a common request.

  • Moo

    I actually find some of mine don’t get into Google that easily. Worst case is though, you Export to SD, then Import from SD, but target the location to your Google account…

    Bam, forced update.

  • Rachael

    The real problem lies if/when Google disables your gmail account that is linked to your phone and apps. No backing up contacts, and you’ve got to wipe your phone. They can blame you for a TOS violation and not reply when you ask for proof. No justice.

  • gyco

    I want to synch my PHONE CONTACTS only, I dont want them mixed up with google mail and skype and everything else. What do I need to do?

  • brant

    A program called VeryAndroid Contacts Backup will copy and transfer all contacts from Android to computer directly for backup. Works well for my sentation.

  • JIm

    This does not work. I have no “backup” option. Only “export.”

    What say you?


    • taner

      > there ‘s no need backup option, or menuitem and another app program to backup or copy contactlist. press more at contacts page, then press import/export and then select export to sd card, select all contact by pressng physical Menu button. when you select Done virtual button you have a backup copy file .vcf extension on your sdcard. you can import this file to reload or, copy and import another android phone contact list.

  • Jack Otley

    I don’t get the menu options you talk about. I have Verizon Droid Incredible but run on the PagePlusCellular system. The phone will create a copy of contacts on Verizon’s Backup Manager but, as I have no Verizon account, I can’t access it.

  • Gordon

    Yes you can use Google’s contacts for me i use one app to backup everything to the cloud, i found one app that backs up to amazon S3 cloud called G Cloud Backup and has been working very smoothly on my android.

  • stuart

    I have tried all the above but although I can backup all my phone numbers and email addresses, the home / business addresses are not included. All the information is on my old phone but i just cannot get it across

  • Ron Laurie

    I have a Nexus 4 E960 Google phone. Can’t find any of these commands. I am a new smartphone user.
    There is no menu button. There is no memory card. How can I backup my contacts, calendar and tasks?
    Appreciate any help since Google has little.