iTunes 10: Change or Increase Size of Album Art

   Posted September 1, 2010 by David Kirk in Music

iTunes 10 has a different user interface. Many people want to know how to change the size of the displayed album artwork. This tutorial shows how to either decrease or increase of size of album art that is displayed within iTunes 10.

I’m still not sure I like the new iTunes interface. It sure is… gray. I’m assuming this is to highlight the album art.

But if you are going to highlight the album art, you probably want to make the size bigger. Here is how to do it.

iTunes 10 defaults to the new album view. This is the old list view except albums from the same album are grouped and shown beside the artwork from that album.

1. Click Album by Artist column header. (This is the column that contains the album art and could be titled different based on your preferences. See picture below for details)

click album by artist column heading

2. Select the size of album art you wish. (I have also highlighted the album hybrid view button in this screenshot.)

select size in hybrid view

You may want to resize the album art in the Now Playing box as well.

1. Resize this area by dragging the column divider that sits beside the Now Playing box. I’ve highlighted the action here.

drag border to resize

You can also double click on the album art in the Now Playing box to get a new miniplayer that shows the album art is a larger popout box.


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The Conversation

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  • Mat Babiak

    Album art column is so small and crappy now, WHY APPLE WHY

  • Gidd

    The old system allowed you to drag the column and make the artwork as big or small as you want. As seems to happen every time I download the newest version of iTunes, they’ve messed something else up. I’m so sick of changing the way I use this software to accomodate ridiculous and poorly considered changes.

    Why do they do this? Do they not ask samples of users? Do they not have focus groups or beta testing? Last time it was a bug in the display of edited bitmap images. They fixed it in the end, but it was very annoying for a while.

    Now it’s this ridiculous limitation on the cover art size. Even Large size is pretty small.
    I have a lot of albums with 6 or less tracks. Setting the artwork to Large means the artwork for these is not displayed AT ALL!
    Albums must have 7 or more tracks to display Large sized artwork. Totally stupid!

    I have a couple of albums with just 1 or 2 tracks – mix albums that are not split into seperate songs. These are perfectly legal albums, bought on CD and ripped to iTunes. These do not display the artwork in the Album by Artist column even if you set the image size to Small. So frickin stupid!!

    Yes, I know, I can select the album and see the artwork in the box at the bottom left, and I can resize this box to my heart’s content. But why do I need to select an album to see it’s artwork? They should all be there, visible, no matter how many tracks.

    Time to roll back.

    • Anonymous

      To show albums with less than six tracks, use this setting:

      This setting will shows the album art for every album. I think it’ll make you happier.

      • Gilawson

        Ah, nice one qdideas, thank flip for that. I should have browsed around the menu bar options before getting all annoyed!

        Yes, it does indeed make me happier, but I agree with the comment in the other article – it was better with the album name and artist appearing under the artwork. Having them to the right of the image forces you to have a wider column. If I maximise the column to accomodate long album titles (such as NOFX’s “45 Or 46 Songs That Weren’t Good Enough To Go On Our Other Records”, it takes up half the width of the window!

        Also finding the little arrow that appears next to every song that you select, linking you to the iTunes Store quite irritating, as I’ve accidentally clicked it a few times. I don’t really want endless adverts at my fingertips! But that’s a completely seperate rant….

  • Highruns

    iTUnes programmers must HATE Art!

  • Jam

    In case you arrived at this page to remove this annoying column go to:
    1) View
    2) as List
    3) Enjoy without the album art column

  • Frank Shelley

    When is large art 128×128 Pixels? Maybe back in 1999, but in this day and age I have Icons bigger than that. What the heck is Apple thinking. First they mess up iTunes, then Quicktime, then Final Cut Pro, Whats next??