Sony Ericsson Xperia x10 – Transfer Music and Photos with Apple Mac

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In typical Android 1.6 fashion, moving pictures and music files requires several steps. These directions walk through how to transfer these media files with USB between OS X and the SE Xperia x10.

1. Connect the x10 to the apple computer with your USB cable.
2. Touch the top of the x10 screen and drag down.

x10 pull down status screen

3. Select the USB Connected button

click the usb connected button on the x10

4. Click the Mount button when the dialog box appears

click the mount usb button

5. The phone’s media card should be mounted as a drive by OS X. Click on the drive to open it in Finder.

6. Move/Copy any music files that are not copyprotected into the music folder.

osx music folder

7. Likewise, you can drag any photos that you want out of the DCIM -> 100ANDRO folder. You can also drag files into the folder if you want to move photos on to your device as well.

x10 Images Folder in OS X


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  • Mohith

    Thnx, this was really helpful. I bought SE X10 yday and i was not able to figure out the way to use with my macbook pro

  • I connect my phone to my computer but nothing happens. I click mount on the Xperia but my computer doesn’t seem to respond, please help

  • Jason Nystrup

    There is a program made for mac if you want to sync it with your itunes. Its called media sync. Here is a link for it:
    The thing is that you have to install it and open the program. When you have done so you will have to mount your phone just like its described here. After that you are able to sync your itunes with your phone. There is also another isync program for the SE phone. Here is a link for that:
    This makes you able to sync your contacts and and upcoming events, and so on. Hope this helps !

  • liam

    That program is NOT for the X10. No such program for the X10 exists at present.

  • Parkour_pro1996

    thank you very much

  • Guest1


    When I pull down the x10, I don’t get the option to connect via USB, I just get the carrier and the notifications thing.

    Anyone have any experience and help with this?

    • Tej

      when you connect the phone it takes about 2-3 mins before the screen pops up for mounting… just connect and wait !!

  • someone

    you need to  hold on the middle button and it will pop up connect to computer

  • jon

    How do you transfer single photo from xperia x10i to pc, as everytime i transfer it does whole album and hundreds of photos.
    Also in some applications, when i try to retrieve photos transferred from phone to pc i only see a list of j peg symbols and i have to guess which photos are which.
    Any help would be appreciated

  • Han

    Will this method work for Xperia Neo V too?