iPhone 4 FaceTime Tutorial: Enable, Disable, and Free Wifi Calls

   Posted June 25, 2010 by David Kirk in Apple iPhone

FaceTime is one of the most interesting features of the new iPhone 4. In this tutorial we will talk through some of the common questions such as enabling and disabling. Surprisingly, FaceTime can be used to make free iPhone to iPhone calls if both devices are on wifi networks.

FaceTime is Apple’s push into video calling. Currently, it is only available between two iPhone 4 devices on wifi. However, Apple is expected to open the protocols to more devices and developers in the future.

First of all, several of my more paranoid friends have asked me how to disable FaceTime on their iPhone 4. I’m introverted enough that I barely talk on the phone. I’m sure some people will never want to video chat.

Here is how to disable/enable FaceTime:

1. Click Settings icon
2. Select Phone
3. Slide the FaceTime slider either ON or OFF.

enable or disable iphone 4 facetime

How to Initiate a FaceTime call from a standard cellular call:

1. Make a standard voice call
2. Hit the FaceTime button during the call.
3. The other party will make the decision to accept of decline the FaceTime call.

How to make a free wifi to wifi FaceTime call:

The free wifi to wifi video calling is very interesting. International customers will be able to save a lot of money this way. By initating the call completely through wifi, you avoid the AT&T cellular network completely.

1. Find and select the person you wish to call in your contact list
2. Scroll to the bottom and press the FaceTime button

iphone facetime 4 contact


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  • Tala Jay

    i have i phone 4 but i can see any facetime play????im confused

    • V22impossible

      go to settings, restriction and turn face time on.

    • Waynehowkins

      Make sure your text messaging works. Face time requires a text message to connect it. If you don’t see face time next to the other person you want to talk to and they have an iPhone 4 your text messaging probley isn’t working. Try sending a text message to yourself…if it works and all your setting are turned on you can facetime.

      Wayne Howkins

      • Lisa

        When I click in my FaceTime icon, I can see myself on screen, but all the way to the right is my contact list and no icon for FaceTime under any contacts. How do I get rid of contact list on right and why are there no FaceTime icon on any contacts?

  • Fgnfhhfghfhxd

    im getting the iphone 4 for christmas and i’m so excited

  • Disgruntled

    Don’t buy an iPhone4 on the middle east. FaceTime is disabled and the only way of enabling at the moment is via a jail break which will void the warenty

    • guest

      when you Jailbreak you can switch it back to its regular settings if you don’t like it then delete it off the phone. I won’t be getting rid of mine anytime soon. My Father is in the middle east his is Jailbroken and we still can’t do facetime I think it has to do with the connection

      • Reillly

        how do u jailbreak

    • Bondy


      i am in ryadh ksa

      and i bought iPhone4 in ksaand yes
      my facetime didn’t working at all on my iPhone4 only working on my macbook,

  • Kirit

    Can someone tell me how i can set up my mac book pro as a wifi modem to use i phone 4 to make face time calls

  • asdkljfasdffd

    i have a ipod touch 4 and im trying to face time with another ipod 4 but it doesnt work. why and tell me how to make it work pls

  • yuzarcif

    i have done everthing and still doesn’t work.
    every time the activation delay and always the messege its show up unsucssesful activation

  • Lorraine Barton

    i need to block a caller/texter

  • tay

    Can you lock facetime with a password so it stays off?

  • haseeb

    i have iphone 4 bt facetime option is not showing in seting phone option how to bring back facetime option pls reply

  • Reillly

    I have accidently gotten rid of Facetime and i cant find it anywhere not even in settings what do i do?

  • Liberty

    Can you please let me know how to disable Facetime on an Ipod please ?

    It comes on everytime the ipod opens up and I would like to have some kind of control not to get bothered when i open it.


    • David Kirk

      > This tutorial will work for the iPod Touch as well.

  • Sweet Desa

    hello everyone pls help me how i activate my facetime to my iphone.coz i follow that instruction
    i click settings icon,then i open phone but theres no showing facetime.if i open phone it will show
    only my number.thanks.pls

  • jgreen@cg3@hotmail.com

    your expertise is lacking. the reason why people look for info about disabling this is because you CANNOT throw that switch in some cases for some reasons.

  • latoya

    can i get facetime on my 4g?