Android 2.2: Make Your Device a Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

Posted May 22, 2010 by Rob Rogers in Android

You can use your Android phone as a portable hotspot and get your iPad, iPod Touch, Zune HD, or any other wireless device online. This is a great save when there are no available wireless connections available.

1. Go to the Home screen.

2. Select the Menu key.

3. Select Settings.

4. Select Wireless & networks.

5. Select Tethering & portable hotspot.

6. Check the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot checkbox.

7. Select Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings.

8. Select Configure Wi-Fi hotspot.

9. Input a Network SSID for your connection.

10. Select a security protocol. Options are Open and WPA2 PSK.

If you select WPA2 PSK, input a password for the connection and then select the Save button.

Your portable hotspot is now created.

You will use the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot checkbox from above to enable and disable the connection. Once the connection is active, go to the device you wish to connect and configure its wireless connection to the Network SSID for you Android device and input the password (if you are using WPA2 PSK). You now have wireless access for your iPad, iPhone Touch, Zune HD, etc. anytime there is a cellular connection for your Android phone.


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  • Amanda

    How do you redownload applications when you update my android to a 2.2.

  • Randi

    Doesn’t work on Verizon, there is no option for tethering & portable wi-fi hotspot in step 5.

    • Sethjparker

      What phone do you have? Some phones don’t support it (I think).

      • Anonymous

        That’s exactly right. That’s one of the problems with Android… all the carriers and phone manufacturers can tweak and add/remove features as they wish.

        All phone companies do not allow tethering on Android.

  • Guest

    I can get my laptop to connect to the wifi hotspot on the phone, but I cannot browse the web on my laptop. It is fine when using the phone and I have a 3G network, but no ability to browse on my laptop.

    • Psmkreddy

      Just go to laptop wifi network settings and in properties just change TCP/IP 4 setytings to DHCP…..

  • Cherries Angela

    i was able to get the potable to work how does the tethering work?? i have tmobile g2

  • Jo8flix

    i dont think tmobile is letting us do it man

    • Wild

      How about Verizon?>

  • Tina

    Can I connect a portable Wi-Fi hotspot from my another mobile

  • jonny

    can you do it without paying and 2.3 version

  • micnolmad

    For those missing the tethering options just root your phone and you got full control. is the way to go.

  • angie

    I can’t get my kindle to connect it said its connected but it can’t get online

  • Just go to laptop wifi network settings and in properties just change TCP/IP 4 setytings to DHCP…

  • Android user

    Root your android phone, install xrecovery, flash a newer android version , you will get all features.
    I use my x10 mini as a portable wifi device.

  • sarah

    Can you get there wifi hotspot on there HTC HD7? I’ve tried and looked for iton there app store but so far there are no hints or ideas. Would love to get it as then I can use my laptop when using on college.

  • Justin

    I have my andriod mobile samsung but my apple Ipad wont recognise the samsung hotspot. So I need to now get an apple iphone or is their an app for andriod?? Thankyou heaps!!

  • Nokie

    My iPad finds my phone’s hot spot but when I enter my password it says can not join. What have I done wrong? I have checked my password over and over. ? My phone is an Android HTC and works with another iPad! Help
    Thank you in advance.

    • Nokie

      I have an Android HTC phone that I use as a hot spot for my iPad, but my wife’s iPad will not connect . It finds the hot spot but when I enter the password it says can not join ?
      Thank you in advance.