Outlook 2007: Create and Use Canned Messages for Repetitive Emailing

Posted March 26, 2009 by Rob Rogers in Microsoft Outlook

If you find yourself sending the same messages out periodically (such as directions to your house, monthly reminders to employees, etc.), then you could save a great deal of time by using (and re-using) premade messages.

1. Open Outlook.

2. Go to the Navigation Pane.

3. Right-click on Drafts and select New Folder.

4. Label the new folder something like Canned Responses or Premade Messages.

5. If you are going to create messages for both home and work, you might consider creating subdirectories for your new folder.

6. Create a New Message as you normally would.

7. Use a proper (but descriptive) subject for the message.

8. Save the new message (don’t address it or send it!).

9. After you have created your premade messages, drag them from Drafts into your Canned Responses folder (or subfolder).

Now the next time you need to send one of these out, go to the Canned Responses folder, right-click, drag and drop the email into Drafts and select Copy from the context menu. Select the copied email, address it and send it out.


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  • http://www.breastpumpdeals.com/medela-freestyle-breast-pump.html Medela

    I liked this post a lot, thanks indeed for posting!

  • Karen

    I accomplish the same thing by having Outlook templates for messages that I send out on weekly, monthly, and on an irregular basis. Some have pre-entered names and/or attachments.

  • Karin

    I used to do this, but changed my process to using signatures instead, as I found it quicker to retrieve these. Just add whatever text you would as a signature, save with a descriptive name and when you are ready to use it, open a new message, put your cursor in it and select Insert > Signature and then select your description.

    • Pat

      Thanks for this tip, it works perfect for me….!! I have a very common requst that I forward almost every day, this makes it so easy…..

  • kevin
  • js

    Once you move the message(s) to a new folder, a quicker way to send the message out is to select it and then forward the email (Cntrl+F). Type the email address and hit send.

  • Yashpal

    This is too cumbersome. i create a new signature with the entire message in it and name the signature as direction reply or reminder employee. while sending, i just insert the new address and send it to the relevant recepient.

  • Blake

    Create your “canned messages” folder, then after you have sent the e-mail for the first time, drag it from your “sent” folder into this folder. The next time you need it, forward the message from it’s current location and delete all the “forwarded” junk that appears. Only a few seconds and much less cumbersome.

  • Anonymous

    Thank You tech person(s), you are what’s up!

  • http://www.seniorwebdesigner.com/ Mohammed Alaa

    I have a better solution that i use.

    because simply the shared method by saving them as Drafts or making them templates are not efficient if you want to reply to a person or Forward a message.

    Here is my Secret:
    Make them Signatures 🙂 Yes You heard it well Signatures this way you just click reply and from the Signature button in Outlook you insert your template and modify whatever you want 😉


  • http://www.tipa.in tally academy

    The process is too long and boring too, I wish there could be a drop down menu box available for pre made reply