Excel: Create a Drop Down List

   Posted December 15, 2012 by Alex Bahdanovich in Microsoft Excel


Creating a drop down list in Excel is useful if you want to keep the amount of possible entry choices limited. This is also a good way to organize data and present it in list form.

This tutorial will show you how you can present your data or choices in a clean and neat drop down list.

I will be using Excel 2013, but you can follow similar steps on word 2010.

1.Enter all of your data into the table. For this tutorial I listed “Options1 though 4 in cells A1 through A4. Type in the title of your categories in cell D2. Then select the F2 cell which is where the drop down list will be created. 

2.Select the Data tab from the Excel ribbon. Under DATA, select Data Validation

3.Under Data Validation select Data Validation… once more. 

4.A Data Validation window should come up. Under Allow: select List from the drop down menu. 

5.Under Source click on the Select Data button. 

6.Now lets highlight our data. Select cells A1 through A4 and hit enter. 

7.After the source has been selected click on OK

The drop down list will be created in the cell you had selected originally.


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  • Nick

    Hello Alex,

    Thx for the helpful post on creating drop downs man. But can this be achievable if consolidating many worksheets.

    For example “Sheet 1” I have listed a chart of accounts; listing different accounts down column A.

    “Sheet 2” will have daily transactions and I want to create drop downs from the above.

    Thanks and keep educating……

    • Alex Bahdanovich

      Interesting question. I’m actually not sure, but I will look into it. Stay tuned!

      • Nick

        Wow that response was quicker than I expected….man you just gave me a thesis to write up…How does service for something you pay for lack as compared to witnessing what I did tonight…Keep it coming 🙂