Remove Birthdays and Facebook Events from iPhone and iPad

   Posted October 10, 2012 by David Kirk in Apple iPhone

With iOS 6 many users are noticing that Facebook birthday and events are polluting their personal calendars on their iPhones and iPads. By disabling and hiding this data, you can return your calendar to its previous look and feel.

Apple integrated Facebook deep within iOS with the latest update. Many users have first noticed this when seeing Facebook events and birthdays from Facebook friends populating their calendars.

For example, Jack sent us the following:

“The one thing I don’t like about my iPhone 5 is that birthdays from my fb friends appear in my calendar. My son is now wanting to update our family’s iPad and his iPod Touch to iOS 6. Is there any way I can keep Facebook integration but hide those birthdays?”

Other people are deleting their Facebook information from their iOS device to try to get rid of this information. Luckily, you can easily hide the birthdays and Facebook events while keeping the other Facebook features enabled.


1. Open the Calendar application on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

2. Click the Calendar button in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

3. Under the Facebook section, uncheck Facebook Events and Birthdays.

4. Additionally, if you have allowed your device to copy Facebook birthdays into your Contacts, you may want to uncheck the Birthdays option under the Other section.


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  • Todd Bailey

    I did everything you mentioned above, but the birthdays are still showing in the calendar feed. How can I remove that?

    • David Kirk

      Todd: What do you mean by “calendar feed?”

  • Kenneth Lin

    The birthdays may be gone from the calendar app, but still floods notification centre when it’s supposed to be showing me upcoming events instead. This is really frustrating as I frequently use notification centre to quickly check upcoming appointments than use the calendar app.

  • Margaret

    Thanks David, so much appreciated, you’re a gem!!!!!!

  • brent

    How do I ensure the year of my birth is not on my friends phone? On facebook I only show day and month. I don’t want people to know the year. I emailed facebook but they never responded.

    Thank you!

  • robynn

    thank you, thank you, thank you! i was going crazy.

  • Barbara

    I’ve done this multiple times thinking..FINALLY..and then the next morning, bombarded again…There is another place under SETTINGS/MAIL,Contact,Calendars/ scroll way down and make sure Shared Calendar Alerts is OFF……AND STILL getting birthday announcements..I don’t know where else these could be coming from or what setting I’ve missed!

  • Stacie

    Thank you, Thank you!!!! Big ole virtual hugs!!!

  • Scott

    Your a genius! Thank you.

  • Jeanine

    Thank you!!!! This quick fix saved me! I did not want all the FB bdays/events overcrowding my already overflowing personal calendar!!!

    Thank you!!!

  • J Nichols

    This helped! Thank you! Things are so simple if somebody just tells you what and where to click, and this article did it. Again, thanks.