Google Chrome: Use the Third Mouse Button (Wheel)

The 3rd button on your mouse (better known as the wheel) provides some nice functionality on Google’s Chrome browser. While they seem simplistic in nature, they can be real time savers.

To open a link in a new tab – place cursor on link and click the mouse wheel.

To open a bookmark in a new tab – place cursor on link and click the mouse wheel.

To close a link – place cursor anywhere on tab and click the mouse wheel (beats having to hit the close button).


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The Conversation

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  • neetesh

    Actually, This is working for Firefox Also
    Thanks for the info.

  • Tim

    I recently bought a new mouse and it works great, except for now the middle mouse button does NOTHING but scroll, and its really annoying because I have a habit of using the middle mouse button to do everything… it still works in IE and Mozilla, but not for Chrome…

    • adrian

      I have the same problem.
      and I hardly use chrome because of this problem only.
      if the middle mouse button works I’ll use chrome forever.

      • randy

        problem is it doesnt have the function restore recent closed tab by using middle mouse button
        firefox has that

  • comnei

    I use Logitech mouse and Logitech SetPoint Control Center software.By default it have “universal scroll” function , and it did not work and all I have to do is to set “optical tilt-wheel mouse – middle button” to do “middle button function” as is ment to be.
    Now it works !

  • Peter

    on some pages middle or ctrl-left click doesnt open a new tab and/or changes the current one. if you have that problem (or like to see examples), here is a possible fix:

  • Kiwi

    i have a problem, i came across a picture i’d like to zoom and have it zoomed in a new tab, the picture just minimized somewhere on the bottom left side of the screen and nothing happened, i was wondering where did that picture go?