Google Chrome: Add a Send Link Button to the Bookmarks Bar

Posted September 8, 2008 by Rob Rogers in Google

Most browsers provide you with a way to easily email a link to the page you are currently viewing. When clicked, your default email application will produce a new message with the link in the body and the page title in the Subject line and the To field left blank for you to address. This functionality is missing from Chrome, but can easily added by creating a button on the Bookmarks bar.

1. Open Chrome.

2. Right-click the Bookmarks bar and select Add Page.

3. In the Name textbox, input the word Send Link.

4. In the URL textbox, input the following:

5. Make sure that the Bookmarks bar folder is selected and click OK.

or just drag this link to your Bookmarks bar: Send Link.


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  • Kipp

    This is awesome, thanks!!

    • Laurie

      Excuse me for bumping this to the top of the comments, but it is fairly important:

      Even though the original script is great it should be modified to:

      The addition of the extra ‘escape’ function around the document.title ensures that the script works if the webpage’s title contains a ‘special’ javascript character such as &.

      You can test this by trying the original script with the webpage (which fails due to an & in the title). This modified script fixes the problem for this and probably many other webpages.

      • Techskilled

        Dude… Awesome… Thanks bro.

        • Techskilled

          i mean babe, lol

      • R Farley

        Absolutely Fabulous! I was just fixin to forget about Chrome Thanks

      • dechen

        > I don’t use gmail, I use Windows Live Mail. I tried both these versions of the javascript address but I have the same problem that others mention: NOTHING happens when I click! Help??

      • Ben

        > Hi there, I try the original string, i.e. without the extra escape and it works for most websites. One exception is which opens up a new email with the correct subject, but no link in the body.

        When I try your string, by adding the extra escape and brackets, it does not work. Nothing happens when I try the shortcut, even on sites that worked with the original string. Please revise your comment or fix it. Thanks.

      • Mike

        Is there a way to open this in a new tab instead of the same window?

        This loads the same thing on the current page as well as opening the new tab, defeating the purpose:’mailto:?SUBJECT=’+escape(document.title)+’&BODY=’+escape(location.href));

        I would just + the bookmark, but when I do this the parent’s values aren’t copied into the correct fields (not copied at all).

      • Jim

        what do you input between the ? and the word “SUBJECT”? I am unable to start a new line in the url box. I’m hoping that is my problem because it doesn’t work for me (no email opens up). thanks

      • Lars

        Please make sure you use the proper ‘ sign, not ´ or ` or whatever people come up with. Only ‘ works. The code has to be:


        (Also make sure to add in your personal e-mail address between “mailto:” and “?”.)

      • Reg Luther

        Having created the Share link with the script,how do i use it?

      • Chris A. Sherman

        THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! This is the FIRST thing that’s actually worked! I’ve been trying for MONTHS since I got my new laptop and nothing worked!

    • Qaiser khan

      > Du to some problems in my mobile because of this so please solve this I will be thankful

  • crispinr

    hi – how would I amend your (great) script so I can force the Send To to use GMail? Thanks!

  • Rob Rogers

    I’ve noticed that people have been having mixed results with trying to do this. I would recommend using an application called ChromeMailer to easily set Gmail as the default for all mailto: links. It requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.

  • DavidP

    Excellent! Thanks.

  • Asm

    Hi, first I apologize for my ignorance, I really do. I have followed the instructions as above. I thus have “send to” link in the bookmark folder . Here is the ignorant part: I click on it and nothing happens. No form pops up. I tried to highlight some text then click on send to, still nothing….I highlight the address bar and click on send to, nothing….

    • Graeme

      >Hi Bob
      Have followed your instructions and added a send a link button to my google chrome but when i click on send a link no email form comes up . please help what am i doing wrong?
      Kindest Regards
      Graeme Lowndes

      • John

        Looks like there’s a bit in Rob’s code that doesn’t appear in Laurie’s. A combination of


        Seems to work OK. John>

        • Jerry

          > Thank you! It finally works. I agree that Chrome needs to deliver this as an integrated function.

  • john

    Freaking amazing! Thanks much. Gotta believe Google will add this upon vrelease!1

  • John

    How easy was that ! Have been annoyed ever since first using Chrome that there was no way to send a link but with a few simple strokes problem solved. Thanks, Cheers, John.

  • John

    Maybe I wrote too soon, have tried several sites and when I try to send link I get the following message
    Error 300 (net::ERR_INVALID_URL): Unknown error.
    What to do now ?? John.

    • John

      Relax John, silly me got : and ; wrong. All OK now Thanks again sorry for my mistake, have deleted first try. John.

  • Jonna Mackin

    You left no way to comment and paste in the url once you are in the add page screen, so I had to type in the url for send link, which was a pain!

  • Jo


  • fourstar

    I use this functionality all the time. Excellent, thank you.

    Now how about those pesky mouse gestures, grrrr.

  • B alert

    lack of Send Link button had been a big inconvenience using Chrome.
    Big improvement now, thank you; ‘ may make Chrome my default browser
    if I can learn how to import bookmarks etc from Firefox rather than I.E..

    (‘only open IE to install critical updates.)

  • CJV

    Dude you have just democratized javascript!

  • DavidL

    Nice work…however I would prefer to have this as a menu item, instead of having to toggle the Bookmarks Bar each time…any suggestions?

  • Hussein

    Works ..Thanks .

  • Joe

    Very Nice Thanks

  • ravi7640

    Great ! It works perfectly. Chrome team should make this feature official.

  • Ali

    the instructions above were just perfect and helped… now, i can send link as easy as it is in IE…

  • Anonymous

    That’s really cool. If you had a whole set of bookmarks in a folder, how would you send all the links together in one email and then choose the subject title? The code seems to work for single sites.



  • Svet

    This works. But how do you send an actual page in an e-mail (not the link)?

  • mecheng

    How go I get gmail to be my default email program?

    • mecheng

      More to the poit how do I get the send link button to send a gmail message?

  • netter

    I have the french version of google chrome. What is the bookmarks bar. I have tried to right click on all bars I could find and all icons and nowhere did I find “Add Page” or a french equivalent which would require a name and an URL.

    • netter

      Sorry. I did find it . The name is completely different. It’s called favorites manager. And it’s a new favorite you want to create called “send link”

  • Don

    The link button worked great, after I installed Gmail notifier to get it open in gmail instead of Outlook.

    Thank you.

    P.S. Is it possible to have a script that also will copy any highlighted text and paste it into the email?

    • Anonymous

      Don, that worked for me to, good suggestion.

    • Grunt101

      rockin’ man… the bookmark link is well handy but useless if you don’t use Outlook!
      this is a perfect fix! thanks so much

  • rksue

    Worked great. Thanks

  • David

    Thanks so much with the “Send Link” trick for Google Chrome – works very well.

    • Arcoiris

      Many many thanks 🙂

      excellent |!!

  • Speak for Many


  • Moshe Hackner

    Thank you very much for posting this.

  • David

    I just feet an irrepressible urge to join the already loud chorus saying: THANK YOU … this has been my one main quarrel with Chrome (I ditched FF in favor of Chrome, just love it). I know other people talk about lack of RSS support but i’m like meh. This trick/tool/tip or whatever else you’d like to call it is just awesome. Thanks again… now i’m inspired to find a similarly concise solution to global warming 🙂

  • sumod

    Excellent, works perfectly thanks!

  • ajishgopan

    Thanks for this.

    But when I click on the “Send link” bookmark, the outlook window opens up alright with the subject line. But the body is blank.

    Any clues?


    • Anonymous

      Same here… I use chrome mailer so when I click on a mailto link it opens up gmail in a new tab. I don’t know if these guys are getting in the way of each other, but almost everything’s fine with the script except that the body is blank. There is no link in the email… Any idea hoe to fix that?

  • Bill

    Brilliant, thanks

  • IleneG

    This is so cool…and it worked first time for this non-geek person!

  • smt121

    works great

  • Tony


  • Gar

    How would you know how to do that, that’s amazing, thanks a bunch

  • Sharon

    It would be helpful if a print preview was provided
    for the Google Chrome: Add a Send Link Button

    • Dwight

      Love Google as a browser, but why didn’t they put in a simple this like “SEND BY LINK”???????????

  • Anthony

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alan

    That worked the nuts, but how do you add a button on the Bookmarks Bar to simply open Outlook….Al

  • MFortGarry

    AWESOME… I would really like to use Google Chrome as my default browser, but the lack of this function always drove me back to IE or Firefox… how frustrating… and your option to just drag the link to the Bookmarks was incredibly simple…thanks

  • Laurie

    Almost gave up Chrome purely because this feature is missing so tried this and it seemed to work fine for most sites.

    But, when I wanted to use it seriously for the first time it does not put the link in the body.

    The site that is failing is – can anyone tell me why the script doesn’t work with this site?

    • Mike

      I don’t know anything about javascript, but I found the link is included int he email body if I delete the subject line part.

      • Laurie

        Thanks for that – I have just started on javascript in the last week and your post made me look at the title of the failing website which contains an ‘&’ (ampersand) character. This causes the rest of this script to fail as ‘&’ is a special character in javascript and would need to be converted to & for the script to work properly.

        This implies that any website containing one of javascript’s special characters ( will probably cause this script to fail.

        Any more experienced (then myself) javascript programmers out there who know how to fix this?

        • Laurie

          Fixed it – looking at the original script I saw the ‘escape’ function being applied to the link. If the escape function is also applied to the title the script then seems to works perfectly.

          So if the script is modified to:
          it should work on all websites.

          Thanks again Mike for getting me to look in the right place.

  • Anonymous

    Couldn’t get it work with Gmail despite repeated tries, even with Gmail Notifier. I finally unclicked the option to use Gmail for mailto: requests, it launched Outlook Express, and when I reclicked the box in Notifier, it started working with Gmail.

  • Anonymous

    Neat. Thanks, Thomas

  • Anonymous

    Great tip

  • Anonymous

    Totally cool fix. Thanks much for this. Leads me to believe there could be all types of 3rd party buttons that could be added.

  • Anonymous

    Is there a way to alter the send link information so that the GMail service is opened rather than Windows Live Mail?

    • xsaminz

      I do this:


      I dug around in Firefox to get the uri correct and then inserted that instead of the mailto:

      • Jim

        Worked for me. Many thanks

        • Anonymous

          This works for me using my gmail account to send the link.

  • Anonymous

    absolutely brilliant!!! thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks!! This makes my life SOOOO much easier. I also exaggerate!! Seriously, it is great!

  • JudyB


  • Brian Hydock

    I tried this and it works. Now I am having a problem because it seems to only work the first time I try it. If I exit chome and reopen it it will work again, but only once. Did I do something wrong. Running on Windows 7 and Outlook 2007.

  • Ron

    sendlink does not work?

  • rttedrow

    Thank you for this. One thing, this send link code calls the MS Word mail program but I only use gmail. How do I alter the code to call gmail? Thanks in advance.

    Richard Tedrow

  • Anonymous

    Thanks….you guys rock!

  • Khalil

    Great tip! Concise and to the point, and so easy to do! Thanks!

  • hapakal

    awesome!!! Thank you so much…

    I was surprised Google didn’t incorporate this feature to begin with. It is something people use so much as part of their internet experience. I know i use it 5 times a day, at least. and even though it is only 2 or 3 steps to open the email program, copy&paste the page title into the subject line and then the same with the the link, this is much much faster 😉 tx!!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, JJ

  • GaryFPatton

    You made my day with your book marklet! Thanks!!

  • Eric Gooch

    Google has finally created an extension for this.

    • Laurie

      From what I can make out the extension you mention only works for GMAIL and not for other mail clients (Outlook, Windows mail etc). There is an extension at that is suppose to work with all clients but I haven’t tried it out as I don’t install extensions that require access to all of my data!
      I’m really surprised that Google haven’t integrated this function into Chrome yet.



  • Deadlifter23

    is there a way to change the windows live mail to msn mail?

  • Yellerseller


  • Kyle

    how can you change the e-mail program that is opened when you click on this?

  • Anonymous

    Kinda lame on Google’s part not including this button. Seems like they did a half-axx job on the design. They have a ways to go to catch Firefox.

  • Wrolandhyattjr

    I hate to sound stupid, BUT, how do I make 2 lines in the URL?

    • Laurie

      You can split long lines of javascript with a backslash

      I haven’t tried it in a button like this so let us know if it works!

  • Wrolandhyattjr

    DUH! I dragged the “Send Link” link to my toolbar and it worked! Thanks!!!!!!

  • Jimtrotter2

    Great tool. thanks for the post.

  • Lorna Mumm

    I’m having a very, very, very tough time  with this!!!  I am very frustrated with all this rigmarole. On Internet Explorer I right-clicked, clicked on Send To and then clicked on email.  (I think it was something like that.)  Besides that I almost always used ‘send page’ – that suited my purpose most of the time.  When will this will be fixed/changed. I’m one of those who is seriously thinking of dumping Chrome.

  • Luke

    Rigmarole? Just drag the ‘send link’ in the article to your toolbar and its done. After that it’s one button click to work (2 less than IE as you say) How exactly is that rigmarole?

  • Y I

    Well when I drag the link to my bookmark bar and click on it I get a Google’s home page 🙁

  • Mathew

    Great solution! Thank you so much.

  • Gene

    Works-but when I go to my email and try to open the link it will not open

  • Islandman

    very good sir…

  • Bast

    Thank you ever so much. I thought I was going nuts when I didn’t see anything like this…

  • cautain


    Merci beaucoup pour votre conseil qui marche sans problème.
    Connaissez-vous une méthode pour envoyer la page entière par mail?

    High! Thanks a lot for your recipe. Do you know a way to send the entire page by mail.

    Alain (from France)

  • Corporate Magician

    Thanks that helps!

  • James

    This is a fantastic suggestion. I switched from IE to Chrome b/c everyone says Chrome has better security. I went crazy trying to find the send link button. You’re awesome!

  • Dolly Wilson

    Thank you so much! I love this “send link” and I don’t want to always send a link from my gmail, so this is great. I had it before, and missed it so much.

  • ml

    this was working just fine for me until yesterday.
    now, an email window opens but subject now reads “&BODY=about:blank” and no link included in body.
    perhaps a chrome update broke something?
    any ideas to fix?


  • RG

    Same as above – subject reads “&BODY=about:blank”

  • Chris


  • Helen

    I just encountered this problem today as I haven’t been using Chrome very long. Thank you so much for your solution for adding a Send Link button to the Bookmark bar. And particularly for setting it up so I could just drag it rather than trying to correctly enter the code!!

  • Carlitos

    There is something crazy going on with “document”. It may not be handling the “pointer” very well.

    Nevertheless, to make the link work you can use:


  • Jester

    This worked initially but today I find that my default email app, Outlook, now opens but with the following text in the Subject line, &BODY=about:blank

    The URL which used to display in the body no longer appears.

    I right clicked the “Send Link” entry on the bookmark bar and looked at the contents of the entry via the “edit” option and it is exactly as before.

    Playing detective for now.


  • Jester

    I’ve found this works on some sites and not all. It failed on a New York Times article but worked on some wilderness food web sites I just visited. Then while preparing to post my findings I tried to send the link from this site and it failed.

    It does not appear that length of URL affects ability to send the link so some other setting must be stepping on this process.


  • Jester

    I continue to find random success and failure using the original code, Laurie’s “double escape” version and even Carlitos recent suggestion.

    I’m back using Laurie’s version and it failed on
    30 minutes ago but just now it worked as expected using Outlook which is my default email client.


  • David

    Thank you so much for providing a way to send a link in an email.
    This works ok, but anyone I email has to copy and paste the link into their browser as the link is not a hyperlink that they can just click on. Should I have adjusted something to make this happen?
    Thanks for your help!

  • Charuta

    This is great! Thanks!!!

  • sandiekid70

    thanks thats is so easy to do and so very helpful.
    love it

  • Robert

    Works on some pages, but get a ‘body blank’ message on others and it doesn’t link up.

  • Terica

    Does not work, I love chrome but I am very active on several social networks and need to share page links and can not do it with Chrome….

  • Timbo

    Thanks very much for this, very useful. Surprised Chrome didn’t have a send link function already included though as good browser otherwise.

  • Josie

    Great! Thanks so very much, Rob. I hate Google Chrome…………

  • in home care

    I’d need to test with you here. Which isn’t something I usually do! I take pleasure in reading a put up that can make people think. Additionally, thanks for allowing me to comment!

  • aelise

    Yaay! It worked. Just dragged the “send link” to my bookmarks bar.


  • Shirley

    That was so easy, I just dragged the “send link” to the bookmark bar.Just like you send to do. Then I added the printer. Thank’s People just have to know they need the bookmark bar.

  • Dustin

    Why couldnt you have provided the link to drag into the toolbar FIRST instead of having us type all that into a bookmark?

  • Lewis Maygru

    But this doesn’t tell us HOW to use it! You still can’t right click to send link!

  • FolkLive

    The original solution worked fine for me. The solution proposed by Laurie did not work at all.

  • Graeme

    Hi Bob
    I have repeated your instructions but this time included the extra escape . When I clicked on send a link, up came my default email form with the link as required. I then sent a test email , when i try to open the sent link nothing happens ,please help .

    Kindest Regards

    Graeme Lowndes

  • Steveh

    Have been frustrated by this for ages. Thanks so much!


    I required EVERY search link history auto up date on my mail.

  • showboy

    where the heck is the bookmark button

  • Phillip

    Java-Genius. Thank you.

  • Doug

    Thank you for this article! This is a real time saver!

    Also, if you mainly send yourself links and want to save time by making the Send Link bookmark automatically include your email address (or any email address) as the recipient of the link, modify the code as follows:

    javascript:location.href=’mailto:[email protected]?SUBJECT=’+document.title+’&BODY=’+escape(location.href);

    Just replace [email protected] with your actual email address. Leave everything else in there before and after. Oh and I couldn’t get Laurie’s code to work so I just edited the author’s code. Thanks!

  • Mike K

    Thank You!

  • Rick G

    Thanks Rob. I dragged your link and it works just great! My question is why Google wouldn’t set this up or at least provide some help on it?

  • Steven

    If the webpage does not have a title (ex. link to PDF doc) the script will break and put the URL in the subject and leave the body blank. I added a if else conditional to correct this. Replace ‘Enter your subject’ to change the default backup email subject.

    javascript:location.href=’mailto:?SUBJECT=’+((document.title) ? escape(document.title) : ‘Enter your subject’)+’&BODY=’+escape(location.href);

  • Jackie

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

  • Dana

    I have no idea how to use this. I dragged the link to my bookmark bar just fine and when selected it brings up a blank email form using my gmail account. Do I have to cut and paste the URL I want to send or is it supposed to be automatic somehow??

  • minecraft

    It’s actually a great and helpful piece of information. I’m glad that you simply shared this useful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  • Pinkbun17

    I don’t think I did it right, so HOW exactly do you do it? 0-o

  • Chris Tolhurst

    Well that was easy. Thanks very much for that. Don’t know why google wouldn’t just have this function.

  • Capt. Arty

    Chrome sucks….I tired to send links, have the Send Link in my bar and it still doesn’t work. Every damn thing is different. The nerds that made up this should be shot at sun rise. Where is the File menu, where is the prefrences, etc. I quit.

  • Loni

    This works well only with English websites.
    When I want to send Hebrew or Russian websites, I get gibberish in the Subject field.
    For example:
    ׳”׳•׳“׳¢׳” ׳¢׳œ ׳¢׳“׳›׳•׳Ÿ ׳₪׳¨׳˜׳™׳ ׳׳™׳©׳™׳™׳ – ׳˜׳•׳₪׳¡ ׳‘׳œ/900

    Does anyone has a solution for multilingual support?

  • Mama Bee

    Just doesn’t work for me on my Windows 7 Google Chrome. Really disappointing (and weird) that GC didn’t include the send link feature. GC has, by now, had enough complaints that it should have an easy download to fix the issue. So, I’m back to regular Google.

  • Nim

    Thanks so much! Like many people have spent ages trying to find this function in Chrome so this is really really helpful. I hope Google notices and credits you for it.

  • Jason

    Real cool solution!!

    • Kevin

      I dragged the link to the bookmarks bar, and when I used it it took me to my Hotmail log-in page, except it opened an Internet Explorer page to do it. Shouldn’t it stay in Chrome? I don’t have IE as my default browser (Firefox is). Do I have to set horme as my default browser for this to work?

  • Mark in VA

    A note to those for whom it opens a composition window, but “doesn’t work”. If your system is case sensitive, you’ll need to change the code to have “subject” and “body” in lower case. I.e.,


    Once I made the above change, it started to work properly.

    Also, you can’t disable javascript, but I doubt that’s anyone’s problem 🙂

  • http://trythis Angelo

    javascript:location.href=’’ +SUBJECT=’+document.title +’ &body=’+escape(location.href);

    For google chrome.

  • Andrew

    You just stopped me from uninstalling Chrome! Not sure how they could miss this key component.


  • Richard W. Evans

    I did not know how to send E-mail through Google Chrome. This information should help me t

  • Richard W. Evans

    This information should help me to send my E-mail. Thank You1

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    Great site, keep it up!


    Pretty! This has been an extremely wonderful post. Many thanks for supplying this info.

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    Perfect. Thank you.

  • esdenko

    Thank you for the “send a link” recipie, missed a lot when passed from I.Explorer. Have a nice day.

  • http://Komogvind Arne Glud

    Hej.Jeg har før brugt google Crome ,men nu er det slut.Man kan ikke spille på kom og vind uden at den fryser og man kan heller ikke fastholde Nodea Netbank .Så se nu at få det rettet.

  • Mike

    Thanks for the link but when I hit the “send link” button that was created it just populates the subject line with name of the web-site but does not provide the URL in the body of the email. What am I doing wrong? I am using outlook. Thanks.

  • Bill Byrd

    Does not work with office 2013???

  • Gina C. Flores-Morrah

    I thought I was already using chrome, this is different and since I’m no expert; I’m finding somethings difficult to comprehend. Can I possibly keep the instructions where I can see them while implementing things like the send button added to bookmarks?

    • Gina C. Flores-Morrah

      > What needs moderation?

  • Jimbob

    Thx for this – works great.

    Have to laugh at how “hard” Chrome makes it to acknowledge email other than GMAIL.

  • Bill Byrd

    This does not work with office 2013???

  • Vladimir


  • Andi

    Excellent! Just a shame Google can’t actually include something so simple on the actual browser!!

  • Ihsan Salka

    It works I have been looking for long time for this tip
    Great job

    Thank you

  • Russell Duarte

    I am having a hard time looking for a send button at the top of my chrome page so what ever i find on the web i can send it to any where or anyone and to save stuff in my favorite box and can view anytime I want to but. I happened to stumble on how to place my Central Pacific Band and Fruit Trees to buy fruits on the bar at the top of the page and that’s what I want to keep it easy access to. Help doesn’t have that listed down so I can find it with ease. Google windows no problem i can find it easily but I had to update my browser and so I have all of this issues to ask.

  • Si

    Thank you for this simple but very helpful piece of advice. 🙂

  • Toni

    Does not work with Windows 8

  • Susie

    Can I just say what a comfort to uncover someone
    that truly understands what they’re talking about on the web. You actually realize how to bring a problem to light and make it important. A lot more people have to look at this and understand this side of your story. I was surprised that you’re
    not more popular because you certainly possess the gift.

  • Anon Ymous

    Is there a way to make this automatically put an email address in the TO: field?

  • mano richard

    great advice

    works perfect



  • DeWitch

    This is awesome!
    Thank you:)

  • Mork

    Awesome trick !!!!!!!!!!! Thanks a million

  • doug champion

    thank you very much. elegant solution: the drag and drop it on bar works great and instant gratification.
    Very Best Regards.

  • h wong

    This button used to work. Thanks.

    However, after I updated to chrome v 30.0.15 on windows 7, the button just stopped working.I clicked on the button, it now will not open an email blank at all. Nothing happens. It is a dead button.

  • Xiao LIin

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  • Prisha

    Thanks a bunch!!

  • Bonnie (“~)

    HOW Cool! Thanks!
    I had right clicked on the ?…second line down…clicked on add a folder. I gave it the name Windows Live Mail and of course it was empty…but I dragged your “send link” to “Windows Live Mail” and dropped it. I tried it out and it works!
    Thanks again for the simple fix!

  • va

    Playing Castleville on google chrome which used t be on internet explorer until someone from the int company put it on the chrome . I was playing the game and for some reason it jumped to the bottom of the right screen and I cannot get it to go back to the middle where It should be. Could you help me get it back from the bottom right hand corner of the screen. My ip address is 24 137 127 130 help me

  • Reg Luther

    Regarding the expert advice on the above subject.
    Have followed the thread and instructions but need to know how to use the “Send Link” to send a page.

  • Chris

    I followed both ways above but it’s not working. I see the bookmark but nothing happens when I click it.

    • Qaiser khan

      > now what shell I do?

  • Chris

    Thank you for this. It would have been easier if I could have copied/pasted that script, but it wouldn’t allow me. But it worked second time around. Great!

  • Alex

    Great tool! Thank you!

  • Jerry W

    Thanks so much for the assistance. This is exactly what I was looking for when I found this site. My spouse and I are Internet Explorer refugees from the recent security issues. We have very little experience with Chrome. At first I could not get either Rob or Laura’s edited version of the script to execute, when I copied and pasted the scripts into the url box when creating the “Send Link” button. When I highlighted and dragged Robs script from the web page directly to o the Bookmarks bar that script worked fine. I made Laura’s edits to Robs script after I had dragged the original to the bar. Both versions worked great with my Outlook address. Thanks again for your help.

  • Don

    Tried but nothing happens when I click on the button.