Word 2013: Read Documents In Inverted Mode

   Posted August 25, 2012 by Lê Hoàng in Microsoft Word

Reading a long document in Word 2013 with a white background may affect your laptop battery life, your vision, and your sanity. A nice alternative is to view the document in inverted mode.

Many people believe that reading black text on a white background is harmful for a large variety of reasons. It may consume more battery life. It is much harder to read in bright light. Additionally, people with some vision problems can read better when lighter text is used on a darker background. Obviously, this is a personal preference, but it is a helpful option with which to be aware.

From Word 2013 onward, the program has Read Mode which minimizes all the clutter and lets users focus on the content of the document. Through these steps, you can also invert the colors to make reading even easier.

If you own an Android smartphone, you should consider switching the browser to the inverted mode too.

1. Launch Word 2013 and open the document that you want to read.

2. Expand the program’s ribbon if it is minimized and switch to the View tab.

3. Click the Read Mode at the beginning of the line to activate this mode.

4. When you are viewing the document in the Read mode, all buttons will be minimized to help you focus on the content. By default, the document will be displayed on a white background. To change the page color to inverse, click View -> Page Color -> Inverse.

5. The default white background will then be switched to black and the text will be converted to white color.

6. Later, when you want to switch back to the Edit mode, click View -> Edit Document.


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  • max

    White text on a black background is even harder on the eyes than the default. It’s a shame Microsoft took away the ‘Blue background, white text’ option that was popular in Word 2003. Here we are 10 years later with a less functional version of Word.

    • Andrew H

      We think every version is better than the last, but a simple function such as the blue background from Word 2003 is taken away. Makes me wonder why? Was it that much more code?
      And why only 3 choices of reading background colors? I can make fonts any color but not the background of the long document I’m working n? Yet MS pushes us to keep upgrading to the latest version…

  • mpet

    No matter what I do I have the Page color option disabled. It’s on Windows 8.

  • Erik M

    Here’s the kicker – in Word Perfect 4.2 in the DOS days, there were different settings for printing and viewing, and you could select ANY color combination you wanted. White on blue was the most popular choice, but it seems odd to me that this is somehow “not possible” in Word 2013. If it could be done on a program that took up less than 10MB, surely it would not take up a lot of space tt time to do it now!