iPhone: Transfer Pictures and Videos from iPhone to XP

   Posted June 26, 2010 by David Kirk in Apple iPhone

iTunes seems to be the ultimate portal for transferring information to sync information to and from the iPhone. This is true for everything except for getting videos and photos off of your iPhone and into your computer. Here is a tutorial showing how to download the pictures and videos onto your XP system. Updated as this is the best method for videos as well.

I looked and looked through iTunes to figure out how to transfer my pictures and videos from my iPhone. I was looking in the wrong place. Using this method you can easily import pictures and videos from your iPhone to your computer.

XP will treat the iPhone like a digital camera device. Therefore, any computer program that will sync to and from digital cameras to a windows box can be used to move the pics and vids over.

If you do not have a program that transfers pictures and videos from digital cameras, you can use window’s Scanner and Camera Wizard…

1. Click Start
2. Click All Programs
3. Select Accessories
4. Select Scanner and Camera Wizard

5. Select the iPhone out of your potential devices.

6. If you want to be able to manually copy pictures and videos over in an explorer-like interface, click the advanced users only link. If you want to copy pictures/videos over in a little wizard-like interface, click Next.

Using either the explorer or wizard interfaces will allow you to delete media as well. Using this method is obviously a lot quicker than deleting the media manually on the iPhone itself.


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  • grh

    thanks, you saved me alot of time by posting this
    saltwaterdawg if florida

    • Anonymous

      hey….im having prob im tryin the steps mentioned but when i open the folder “apple iphone” its saying there are no objects in it

      • Braeden Yoncak

        > Same Problem here.

        • Kevin

          > don’t know which is the culprit, the phone or windows, but this happens to me all the time. u need to just give it a min to parse all the images and then hit the F5 key or the refresh button on the folder window and all the pics and vids will be displayed after the refresh. if u do it too soon u may have to refresh again. note: if u navigate out of the iPhone u will have to repeat this step to show the file listing again and after you perform a transfer, I can’t remember for sure but u might have to refresh then too. it seems the file listing display process stalls for some reason and doesn’t actually populate the file window with the iPhone picture contents.

          I also have the same problem as others where videos do not copy properly. I think the problem is limited to videos over a certain file size, but I am not positive about that or what the size threshold is. but I’m pretty sure I’ve have smaller videos copy fine, but others that are more than maybe 100 or a few hundred MB, don’t copy and are created on the computer with the correct name but a 0 file size. still workin on figuring that out. tho I have had better results with third party apps actually.

    • Ambal

      It’s wkg for me…thx a lot πŸ™‚

    • Roshan


    • Ross Churchill

      Saved me a bunch of time thanks!!! Ross

    • Rajuegypt

      good, but you have not mentioned what if the iphone camera is not listed? everything works fine sycing and life is fine except for the damn camera not being listed. thanks

      • Bob

        One other piece of information is missing. Make sure that if your iphone is locked by a pin that you unlock it before you plug it into your computer otherwise windows will not recognise it. Most post on this subjec miss this crucial piece of information.

        • Neo

          > Thank you so much. I was struck with lack of this info “unlock the pink before you plug the iPhone”
          Thank you so much for posting this piece of info.

        • moe

          dude your comment is the most important at allllll>

        • Ryan

          > This is KEY!! Thanks a ton.

        • Ginela

          > GOODNESS ME! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! You helped a lot in figuring out why the tips above weren’t working for me. Now I’m so, SO HAPPY. THANK YOU BIGTIME! (:

        • TT

          Hey πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for this vital piece of missing info! I was tearing my hair out because the camera wizard (I had tried 4 PCs by that stage) kept saying that I had no pictures on my camera when I have 10k of them on my iPhone5. Luckily I didn’t give up and read your tip of unlocking my phone first the next time I plugged it in. Finally working. Yayyyyyy
          Still haven’t figured out how to transfer videos that are longer than 1 min though…

    • Dennismac3

      Thanks but my Camera and Scanner says 0 pictures found. Looks like another time sink with this piece of junk IPhone, sorry not impressed with this phone…

    • Faheemnahvi

      Great dear davak. Thanks.

    • Gamer

      If you unable to COPY large files like Video files, use following Approach.
      1. Click Start
      2. Click All Programs
      3. Select Accessories
      4. Select Scanner and Camera Wizard
      5.Select the iPhone out of your potential devices.
      If you want to be able to manually copy pictures and videos over in an explorer-like interface, click the advanced users only link. If you want to copy pictures/videos over in a little wizard-like interface,

      click “Advanced Users Only”

      this pops up a explorer with all your Photos and Videos, just copy(CTL+C or CTL+A) And Paste (CTL+V) into folder you like.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for the additional information.

      • Graniahughes

        I’ve tried these steps but the video won’t download. I can get all other videos off my iPhone just not this particular one which is 20 minutes long…

      • anomelie

        >This only works if the iPhone shows up as a device! For me it doesn’t.

      • Mona in Miami

        This only works if I’m trying copying/moving the pix under “Camera Roll”. I have 28 other “Albums” that I want to move and can’t access. Any tips/advice, please??

      • Rosaria

        My problem is that with the explorer wizard it simply doesn’t seen any photo (it used to do it in the past and I did manage to get it again once today after dozens of reboot, but now can no longer replicate) and if instead I use the basic wizard it will rename all my photos while I want to keep the original file names. Any suggestion?>

  • wismer

    I was using the steps you metnioned above but in my case i get the following message when i try to cilck on camera and scanner option under accessories tab

    “The computer cannot detect the scanner or camera.
    Please make sure the device is turned on and is properly connected to the computer. If the computer still cannot detect the device, open Control Panel, click Sanners and Cameras, and then click Add Device.”

    I have my iphone already attached and its on so I tried the second option to add the device as mentioned. But when I try to do that the wizard does not list the Manufacturer “Apple” in the list. So I have no way to add my iphone to this option.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Disgruntled itunes user

    • http://blogs.tech-recipes.com/davak/ davak

      If xp cannot see the device, this isn’t going to work. Usually this is a conflict with another piece of hardware. I would try disconnecting all my usb devices, reboot, reattach the iPhone, and try again.

      XP historically has not handled USB very well… and trying to debug a poor usb connection can be painful and difficult.

      • Kkamm110

        VERY helpful; didn’t have to reboot; just disconnected all usb devices and re-plugged in iphone. selected wizard and i phone showed up and could download all photos.

      • Bewitched388

        Thanks this helped a computer iliterate person like myself easily download my pics and videos from my iphone 4

      • rkdodd

        Thanks for the help. I unplugged my USB webcam (which was listed) and then unplugged/replugged my iPhone 4 back into the USB port. The device was immediately detected and the wizard opened automatically allowing me to move or copy my photos and video to my XP laptop.

      • Sbuckels

        THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! This worked for me!!!

      • Ioanna

        if nothing else works try this: Go to a pc/laptop where itunes is NOT installed. It will recognise your iphone as a camera.

    • Uncle Russell

      I had this problem. When I checked the Device Manager, it had listed the iPhone as a camera with a problem in its drivers. I tried updating the driver to no avail. What worked was to unplug my Visioneer scanner, uninstall the driver for the iPhone, and then reboot the computer. When it came back up, it recognized the iPhone.

      • samutopia

        Phew! After a while I got this working now. I could’nt find the thing listed in my device manager, in fact I did not have an imaging/camera option in there. None of these were working, then I found that in my device manager (right click my computer) there was an entry of “Apple mobile device”. Once I right clicked and uninstalled the driver for that, then unplugged and put back the iphone. Sweet! Now it installed as a camera/ imaging device.

        I suspect my visioneer scanner had something to do with the conflict, as somebody else mentioned this in another post.

        • rinn

          I searched for HOURS before coming across this information, and it worked. THANK YOU!!!

        • samutopia

          I noticed that there is another essential step to the above instructions. iTunes needs to be on for this to work.

          Also to get to device manager, right click my computer, click on properties, select the hardware tab and select device manager. The ‘Apple mobile device’ was among the USB controller driver entries.

          • Anonymous

            I found that in device manager, uninstalled, connected iphone again but nothing happen again driver installed but does not appear in scanners and cameras.

          • Akemilydawn

            Same problem here – even uninstalled iTunes. NOTHING works. Help!

          • Hp_at_home

            I finally updated the Driver (automatically through windows) from Device Manager and that resolved my problems. I am running under Windows XP.

          • Youngblank

            That was a great tip, mine wasn’t working either until I open the app store. Now it works great.

          • Rosa

            yes, thank you very much. These are important steps. Still I cannot get the wizard. It’s been now 3 hours trying it. Please help. I can see the Iphone USB but when i click on it the wizard window does not come up. I cannot see the Iphone USB in the Accessories but only on throught the device manager. Please help!!!!

          • Alapshun

            This was the good one to complete entire picture. My PC didn’t recognize the iphone, but getting to device manager and uploading the driver automatically helped. Takes 1 minute only

        • Guest

          that worked really well, tho it still didn’t work as i got windows to “update driver..” and then finally it recognised my iphone as a still picture camera. wow that was hours of work haha thanks for your posts.

        • FrenchMermaid

          This is fantastic! Thank you so much for saving me hours of disappointment.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lester-Go/100000614361890 Lester Go

          Samutopia, your solution worked for me. Thank you very much.

        • Me

          Thanks that worked!

        • vanessa

          you are awsome…. I used your information and was able to obtain the photos from my iphone. Thanks>

    • Sunnsea

      Take a picture with your i-phone and then connect it to your computer. Go into my computer and it will be showing your i-phone camera. Just click on that and then you can use the i-phone download fine. You may have to do this every time you want to download things from your i-phone to your computer but it does work.

      • pamomof2boys9

        This is by far the easiest way to download photos from the G3 iPhone. Also, I have the Windows Vista and it worked great and fast!

      • http://www.limegreenlight.com guest

        Best answer by far. I’ve spent ages looking for a solution to this and yours is the most straigtforward. Problem solved in 2 minutes!

      • Chris

        Amazing! Something this simple works! Thank you!!!!

      • Paliski

        This simple trick of taking a picture worked for me. Bravo!

      • Alancd

        You are a legend..after 2 hours of mucking around!…thank you and awesome good karma to you my friend!

      • Paul

        > THAT TIP WORKED FOR ME… If you’re having trouble, definitely try this step while you’re plugged into USB.

    • Hcvijarro

      Thanks for the help! It worked perfect!

      • Visn2dream

        The instructions above weren’t working for me at all. I’m using Vista. But then this tip to take a picture helped! I kept my phone plugged in the USB and took a photo. My iPhone then showed up under My Computer when everything else wasn’t working. Easily copied 400+ photos to my computer. Yay!!!!!!!! Now I feel safe doing the upgrade on my phone w/o risking the loss of so many photos.

        • SebastianCos

          backing up my photos now as well using the same method. now can back up my photos and upgrade my iphone software. just frustrating for apple to have these complications no?

        • feebs

          Finally – after trying everything this actually worked! Taking a photo whilst my iphone is connected to my PC made all the image files magically appear… Thank you for the tip!!

    • Davidb

      Thx for this most excellent advice. Unbelievable that this is not easier/more obvious!!! A quick tip: if iTunes automatically starts iTunes and syncs on phone connection the device will be disconnected when the sync finishes, even if you’re copying photos! After this you will get the “no devices found” error and not see it in “My Computer”. My solution: uncheck the “start iTunes when device connected” box in iTunes and zim-za-la-bing!

    • Guest

      Β Thank you very much for this article. I’ve been wondering how to do it for ages while the soluton was under my nose.

  • mwilli2898

    Thanks for this – I was puzzling over how to get my photos!!!

    • http://blogs.tech-recipes.com/davak/ davak

      My pleasure! Thanks for visiting!

  • OlloX3

    why not just go to “my computer” then you see Apple iPhone πŸ™‚

  • Natesh

    Hey This is Natesh from Singpaore

    Thanks alot for your information.


  • JHW

    Thanks! I could not find this simple suggestion anywhere on Apple’s site.

  • vashira

    Thank you sooo much. I was having a very difficult time trying to figure out how to do this.

  • Alex

    Thanks for this info !!! Great info indeed!

  • Michelle

    my computer failed to copy any pics – the error message was:

    the following error occured while copying pictures:

    the I/O operation hes been aborted becaue of either a thread exit or an application request


  • Michelle

    ok now the wizard couldn’t do it, but through Adobe Photoshop I was able to download 60 of about 300 pictures – all from October – why can’t I download the rest of the pictures? frustrating!

  • steve

    Your guide can only transfer camera photos, and how to transfer other photos in photo albums?

    • Anonymous

      this isn’t possible… you would need some other sw program to be able to do this! wizard only detects photos taken from the iPhone itself!

  • cristine

    It worked thanks for the instruction!

  • Anur

    Thanks a Billion for that wonderful piece of info. it immediately worked.
    Wonder why even after so much research in to usability, file management is such a pain in the mobile devices of the apple stable.

  • Gillian

    thanks for this

  • asdf


  • rocky


  • Iphoneguru

    My computer > select Iphone and there they are

    • praveena

      hats off!!!!!! u solved my issue.

    • j

      Can’t do that – it isn’t there!

      • jeff

        close itunes and right-click, click refresh and your iphone should show up under my computer. Then click internal storage, etc. until you get to the photo folder. Then just copy & paste.

  • bbaron

    Thanks for helping me figure out how to download pics FROM my iPhone.

  • Zayveeyur

    Absolutely Outstanding Post. It’s great! Thanks

  • Emma

    Aw nice one, can’t believe i didn’t think of this. Been trying to find something to transfer pics on to a PC. Found one for a mac ages ago but not an easy thing for pc, and now I find this. I had all I needed all along. Thanks again. πŸ™‚

  • Aerial

    Thanks a lot! Very helpful!

  • RaJah

    Thanks for the help! I would have never figured that out!

  • Spaniard

    Best post ever!

  • http://www.ottlegal.com Chris Conway

    Hi, Thanks you solved the problem for me

  • fsfsf

    Thanks for your suggesting…I was breaking my head how to copy photos from my iphone..I thought itunes is smart enough to copy my pictures from iphone…

  • John S. Ransom

    Hello davak! Have I told you lately what a genius you are? How many people during the day do I meet who (a) saves me a lot of hassle and (b) saves me $30? In these difficult times, $30 is not to be wasted. If you search for something like “transfer photos from my iPhone to my computer,” you get a bunch of links, surrounding yours, who assure me, no, there’s no way to get your pictures off an iPhone. You can get them on, but you can’t get them off. Scientists and wizards both have spent many fruitless days on this endeavor, and each time they thought they were getting close, an even more difficult, more insurmountable problem would come into view. In a joint statement, the wizards and scientists summed up their findings. “You may as well try to understand the ins and outs of the subprime mortgage scheme as figure out how to move photos from an iPhone to a desktop computer. Another good comparison would be to encrypted algorithms. In both cases, you just can’t break the code. We can report with confidence that it is humanly impossible to transfer photos from an iPhone to a desktop. Period. Full stop. End of report.”

    “But wait!,” an authoritative web voice exclaims. “Tales have been told — the ignorant call them myths — about a magic software that will undo the chains apple has wrought, and deliver your lost iPhone photos to your desktop unharmed and whole, for only $30.”

    And I was about to put out that money. But you, davak — your magic is stronger!

    • http://blogs.tech-recipes.com/davak/ davak

      Best. Thank-you post. Evar.


  • joizi69

    ok so as far as getting pictures from my camera roll. yes this works. i need to know how to get the library off. i have 225 pics on camera roll and 1600 on the library. but when i do the scanner/ camera wizard, it only allows me to pull off the pics from the camera roll.

    please help joizi69@msn.com

    • Dean

      I have 1559 photos in my library and have the same problem! Any adice would be gratefully accepted.

    • Anonymous

      I have the exact same problem! 2000 photos in my library. They won’t come off! Any help?

  • Bchism

    Yes but this doesn’t allow me to get pictures that were loaded from my previous computer, only the pictures I actually took with the device. How can I get those other hundreds of pictures off the phone that were loaded from my previous (stolen) computer?

    • HF

      did you ever find a way to download your pics?

  • Jon

    I cannot get my computer to recognise the iphone.
    Itunes sees it, but not the control panel, nor the directory.
    If I go to Disk management, it is not there anymore either.
    When I plug my iphone into a USB port, no window opens asking what I would like to do.
    I am trying Windows Update Service, but not very confident.

    • Natalia

      I had the same problem. Just try to do it on a machine with no i-tunes installed. This worked for me. For some reason when i-tunes sees the iphone therew is no way for the computer to detect it (via USB port) and ask you what would you like to do with it

    • sayuri

      I have the same issue. When I first plug in my iphone, my computer did recognise it, but I clicked “cancel”, and it never shows up again! tried to reboot my computer, unplug, plug in iphone, Frustrating…

    • http://www.modernpicasso.com cellfreak

      go to your desktop> right click my computer > hardware > device manager > check if iphone camera is over there. If you are unable to see it > scan for a hardware changes. It will come up with unknown device. > right click on it and choose> update driver. Allow windows to connect with windows update. This should help.

      • j

        I can be under Imaging Devices> then update the driver> reboot and it pops up. thanks everyone – I can’t believe this is different on so many. The other thing that helped was the Enable Automatic Sync when iPhone is connected. Try both !!!!

      • terroni

        Once I’ve clicked update driver, it says ‘Welcome to the Hardware Update Wizard’. I don’t have the CD to do this. Any suggestions?

    • The Droyd

      I had the same problem. Couldn’t even find the iphone device under my control panel. Hard rebooting the phone just fixed the problem. My computer now recognizes it again and I can transfer photos from my phone to my computer.

      Simple solution.

  • SJH

    Oh btw, this might not be the most common cause, but if you cant see the iphone on My Computer or on Scanner and Camera Wizard, be sure that “Automaticaly sync when this iPhone is connected” option is enabled on the summary page on iTunes. I was kicking myself about that

    • j

      tried that – works! Thanks.

  • MG

    Thanks–that was a very simple solution to something that had me scratching my head.

  • David Creed

    Very helpful, Thanks!

  • matt

    Hey. I used to be able to do this, got quite a few pics off of my iphone. Recently however, I go through the same procedure, select the pics I want, get to the point where it begins the copying process and it keeps saying something like, “this photo cannot be copied” or “there was an error copying this photo.” I have to click skip, but it just ends up saying the same thing for each photo. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening?

  • Jenny

    Thanks for the instructions – work perfectly. Really is a great service when you have to search through online to get help. – Too bad this “service” isnt so easy to obtain from apple!

  • PCnotMac

    What about if its saying: no pictures have been found on the camera. :((( There is only one folder, default one and about 30 pictures.

    • Anonymous

      I was having this same problem and found out that I need to simply unlock my phone hope that works for you!

      • Arreouw

        *sigh* I was unable to get it to work by unlocking my phone. It has over 300 pictures in the camera roll, but the Windows Live Photo Gallery still insists there are no photos on the device (which, btw, Davak, I was able to access thanks to your info!! WOOT!).

        Still trying, and if anyone has any other info, please let me know…

  • Nivas

    That was simple and great Thanks a lot

  • Larry

    Thank u bro! too bad for Itunes.

  • Heather

    This worked. Thank you so much! :]
    It sure helped ALOT. Before, I had to email pictures to
    my computer one by one and it took such a long time, but this
    made my life so much easier. Again, thank you so much!

  • http://massesoft.com/ Web Design

    Thanks man, this small tutorial really helped me. It was so quick. I would like to add few more points.

    If you cannot see scanners and camera in the All Program. Than wait and XP will itself pop up a window asking what to do.

    From there you can choose camera and scanners, than rest is same as this tutorial.

  • madfeline

    WOW… I’ve been trying to figure this out
    for months! THANK YOU!!!

  • keith

    This worked great! Like a lot of other users on here, I was trying to figure out how to do this for months. The only “glitch” I had was the first time the wizard said there were no photos (of course yes, there actually were) so canceling out of the wizard and starting it again and the second time it found the photos. WOOT!! Thank you for posting this for everyone!

  • P1570L


    Got my iphone a while back, but the last two days have been on an all out mission to crack this nut, & then I stumbled upon this brilliant tut. Thanks a stack.


  • Anonymous

    Thanks alot for this. I almost deleted my iphone photos when I thought that i could upload my photos by syncing it with itunes.

  • Bill

    Not completely true. The must be a setting in iTunes to enable seeing the iPhone in Windows. On computers that don’t have iTunes installed, I can see the iPhone. On those with iTunes installed, it never shows up.

  • Laura

    HOORAY! This is awesome. Thank you for explaining it to me! I have to go order my prints now!

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    thanks, how fantastic. you saved me loads of time!

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    OR, you could just go to “My Computer” and click on the iPhone. VoilΓ‘, all your pictures, without downloading complicated programs.

    • Anonymous

      A**hole if people could see it… then they wont be asking this f*kg question… u st*pid SOB… keep ur 2 cents to urself

  • Paul Veit

    How do you transfer pictures from iPhone to computer with VISTA operating System?
    I am unable to do it.
    I have an HP computer with VIsTA ULTIMATE.
    Please help

  • Abrar

    You cant delete pictures off your iphone from within Explorer! It crashes the iphone!

    • Juan

      This just happened to me……. I can’t take pictures anymore….. Do you know of any way to fix this without reloading the firmware?

  • Paulose

    Super helpful. Thanks. Was wracking my head about this. And it turned out to be so simple.

  • anupam

    good one, thank you

  • Noam

    The following worked for me, I figured I would post it so it may help another.
    I tried the scanner/camera wizard – got a message to make sure the device was turned on, etc.
    Showed up just fine in device manager without driver problems, but not in My Computer.
    Couldn’t figure out how to transfer from Photoshop but the help said to use Windows Image Acquisition.
    i could not find the shortcut or file to launch that program but then I remembered, that in Device Manager under Services – is Windows Image Acquisition. It was disabled. I set it to manual and started it. Sure enough the iPhone showed right up in My Computer, and I could use the original method with the camera/scanner wizard.

    • PC Paul

      Excellent, thanks Noam. I had tried everything and the WIA service wasn’t running. This fixed the built in webcam on my laptop too. No idea why it was disabled…

      As for all the ‘why not just use WIndows Explorer’ comments, do you not think if it was that easy people might have found it already? The problem is that with this service not running it doesn’t appear in Explorer or the Scanner and Camera Wizard.

      To enable the service, go to Start->Run then type ‘services.msc’ and click OK. Find the Windows Image Acquisition service and call up it’s properties – if you have the same problem as me it will be set to ‘disabled’, so set it to automatic and start it.

      Now your iPhone should appear everywhere and it is indeed easy to copy your photos off.

      • Anonymous

        “””As for all the ‘why not just use WIndows Explorer’ comments””,

  • bones24

    it worked for me but the shots are sideways so every photo I have to click and turn

  • Sarah

    This is the way I was doing this, but a lot of the time I get a message “The computer cannot detect the scanner or camera. Please make sure the device is turned on and is properly connected to the computer.” Other times it thinks it is busy. And sometimes it actually works.

    Once it told me there was an error with a parameter. Not sure where to look for this.

    And then about once out of 20 it will work. Mostly I upload them to another computer and put them on a flash drive or cd to move them. Real pain.

    Any idea where I shoudl check?

    Much thanks!

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    Great help!

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    I can’t even connect my iphone with XP, while I have photo’s on the camera reel. How do you prevent the BSOD in the first instance

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    I have more than one album in the iphone but windows sees only one, how can I download ALL?

    Please help.

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    Wow. Very disappointed at Apple for the way this works (or doesn’t work in some people’s cases). iTunes has a “Photos” tab under the iPhone! And the choice to sync photos with it even!!! It doesn’t sync anything!!! Which led me to believe something was really wrong because I know there’s photos on the phone. And like someone else said, no help from Apple on this that I could find anywhere! When I connected the phone, XP was nice enough to tell me about a camera device being connected, but I kinda blew it off because I figured iTunes would take care of it. Anyways, THANKS FOR THE POST. And shame, shame, shame on Apple for this one! Extremely non-intuitive use case which is usually not like them.

  • Cait

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    Picasa importing the photos without a problem from my iPhone to winXP

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    This is a great tool for us IPhone users, however my pictures downloaded sideways & I’m unable to find an application that will allow me to take the pictures and turn them correctly. Anyone have any advice?

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    Thanks for posting this – it is unbelievable to me that sometimes Apple is so intuitive that it just works. You would think something like synching photos from your iPhone to your PC would be configurable in iTunes. Maybe they can put that in the 4G version? ya think?

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    My PC does not pick up the i-phone as a camera

    The i-tunes does all the correct backups and the like but I have lost the ability to have the photos downloades onto my PC

    Using Vista

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for the information. It worked perfectly!

  • waarei

    Nothing of this helped me. PC crashed on all attempts to load driver. Solution: I uninstalled/deleted an old Logitech driver: lvusbsta.sys (ver. 9.5.0). Then installed new Logitech driver:LVMVDrv.sys. Then Apple iPhone came up right and pictures can be loaded to PC.
    I had to reinstall the old Logitech driver after, because I lost all sound on my PC.

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    “Scanner and camera wizard” as well as picasa only download pics from the cameral roll.

    If anyone knows how to download the other folders (Photo library and others), please comment. Thank you in advance.

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    Hi, i hope you can help me. I am not able to detect iphone from select drive. Please advise what i should do next. Thanks.

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    well, excellent !
    i dont have windows but works as great on a mac if you use appropriate software…
    iphoto would probably sync directly with itunes

    but then if tou don’t want to use it (like me…) you just have to use the “image transfer” program (well… translation from french, i’m not sure of the actual program name in english) which i use to downlaod all my pictures from my cameras

    thanks for th tip πŸ˜‰

  • Anonymous

    Does this still work for iPhone 3G or 3GS? My XP says it cannot see any scanner devices…

  • kenny

    You can also just go into “Explore” which gives you your files and folders view and the camera should show up as a small phone icon with the name of your phone. The sub folders are called (in this order) Internal Storage, DCIM, 100APPLE and the pictures are available there where you can drag and drop them into any other folder on your computer.

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    II had some problem using the instruction you posted, the problem is that I have a scanner also. When I try to fine my IPhone its not there my scanner always come up.
    When I plug up my IPhone several things happens firstit looks for new software, next itune open and start sync my phone. I’m not sure how to add IPhone software to my computer since it come with itune when I connect my phone to my computer. Is there another way to download photois from my IPhone to my PC?

  • Anonymous

    Good News my friends I found a way to download your pictures from your IPhone its easy and you don’t have to download any software. If you have a digital camera and install the software to download pictures from you digital camera. You can use the same software to download pictures from your IPhone.
    (1) Connect your IPhone to your PC, your PC think your IPhone is a camera and will ask you to look for the software.
    (2) ckeck you will install the software. Depending on what type of digital camera and software you install to down your pictures from your digital camera.
    (3)click that software, after it install it will connect with your IPhone. The next step is depending on the type software that you use to edit your pictures from your digital camera. I use Adobe Photoshop Album Starter. Its free to download from Major Greek.com. If you have another use that one
    (4) A Panal should pop up with the editing software that you use.
    (5) click that software your pictures from your IPhone should start downloading into that program.

    • Anonymous

      This only works if you have taken pictures with your Iphone camera. I am having problems transferring pictures from my photo library to the computer. We had over 3000 photos on our computer and it crashed. Those pics were on our iphone’s but our harddrive was lost. So, we are now trying to transfer them back onto the computer from the iphone. We have successfully wiped out 2 iphone’s now! We have 1 more phone that has the pics on it that we are trying to transfer. It is our last chance to get them on there without losing them. These are important pictures of family/friends….our daughters prom and graduation. Please help us if you have the answer.
      Thanks, Kate

      • Anonymous


        I read your letter and understand where you coming from and what you are trying to do. First stop what you doing don’t download anymore pictures to your hard drive ok.
        I will explain several steps for you to follow to download all your pictures to your computer.
        At the present I’m at work I will write you later this evening ok. I did not want you to think that I did not receive or read your e-mail.


        “Good Things Happens To People That Waits”

        • Anonymous

          Odeo49 / anyone !
          Is there stiill a way to transfer photos from the other albums in the library (other than camera roll) ?

          • Anonymous

            have you actualy found out how to do that? cause I can’t see any solution here…

          • Anonymous

            Hi Tarpan,
            Finally, Touchcopy09 is working well for this purpose. All “other Albums” are stored on ipPhone as “.png” images, and the Camera Roll ones rae “.jpg”. I figured iTunes or ssh connections don’t let me do it or even look at those “other albums” (I wonder how are they stored on the iphone that even ssh > find … command can’t find the “.png” files). I went to Apple store too, but they couldn’t think of a solution.

          • Anonymous

            excelent, thanks mate, I’m gonna download it…

  • http://nopostrules.wordpress.com/ egidiocs

    When I try to download photos, windows explorer shows me duplicated photos, “overwriting” new ones. So I cannot transfer them correctly. This issue started by chance. Do any of you experience this issue? I don’t know how to fix it or realize if it’s a bug or not.

    • http://www.headhunterasia.com/ Nick – HeadHunter Production

      many thanks for this simple method of getting the pics out of my iphone πŸ™‚

      egidiocs – try creating a new directory/folder to download to. It may be some of your other photos have the same number (although they are different pictures) the number is put on by the camera. Good luck.

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    I discovered on my computer that it wouldn’t recognize that the iPhone was plugged in until I disconnected my USB wireless networking dealie.

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    But instead of of going through the scanner and camera path, I just clicked on my computer, right clicked on my iphone, and selected explore. And just copy all.

    Thanks for the info. Really appreciated it.

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    This information helped me a lot. thanks for that. Just one comment from my side. I had a hard time uninstalling Apple USB Driver on Device Manager. Alternatively, I plugged my iphone to pc where Itunes was not installed. It worked perfectly for me.
    I am happy I have all my favourite pics on my pc now. πŸ™‚
    thanks everyone again for sharing your experiences. Good luck to you all.

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    it is pity that itune can not handle the photo transfer from iphone to PC.
    Apple should really take this as an enhancement for next version.

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    Thanks so much – I had “months” of pics that I didn’t want to lose and couldn’t get them to move…..so frustrating.
    I will pass this site along to iphone friends.

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    This worked great – thank you! An additional tidbit – maybe it was my machine but it didn’t want to move the large .MOV files so I selected ‘skip’ on each and the smaller files transferred fine. I then used windows explorer to go look at the large files in the iPhone directory, and when I double-clicked to view, XP automatically copied them to the ‘My Pictures’ folder, which was perfect for this small number of files – I could then move them to the right folder. Maybe someone else may have the same luck! The largest file I coped was 225MB
    Thanks again!

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    Great time saving post!!! I even bought both manuals and it didn’t say anything about that! I wanted to get some of the photos off of the phone and wasn’t able to do it in a bi-directional way with itunes sync.

    Thanks again!

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    I tried this but when I opened Scanner and camera wizard it did not give me the option to select a device. I can either click next or advanced users but either way i can only access the pictured on my camera roll and not on the library. any suggestion as to how I can transfer them to another pc and delete one or two of them?

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    This method worked, but didn’t keep the chronological order of the pics that I took once they were copied to my computer. Is there any way of retaining the order of the pics from the iPhone to my computer?

    • Jess

      Please let me know if you find out how to copy pictures in the same order as they were snapped. It’s bugging me πŸ™

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  • oscar alonso

    i have a different problem… I had another computer with itunes installed and i uploaded the pictures on that cpmputer to my iphone 2g. I sent that computer to Mexico with family and now i cant seem to find a way to get my pictures off my iphone to back them up on my new itunes library.. which will delete those pictures when i want to download more pics onto the phone please help asap!!!!

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    when i try to get the photos, XP tell’s me that the camera is in use and that i will have to try again later.. and can’t get them through Photoshop and Xp will not let me set it up with the guide..

    is there any setting on my Iphone that im missing?

    i have already tried to mail the pictures from my iphone to my other mail..but that makes the pictures really small.. πŸ™

    • Name

      Thank you!

      This worked for me. First I had to unplug my Logitech web cam which was intercepting the Microsoft Wizard. The pic were downloaded – but not in order or correct orientation. Weird.

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    I tried all of this and the iPhone would still not show up for XP Scanner and Camera wizard. Finally, I unchecked the “Sync photos from:” box on the Photos tab on the iPhone. I selected the delete pictures from iPhone option. Then I ejected iPhone and closed iTunes. I plugged the iPhone in and the Scanner and Camera wizard popped up. I exported all my photos and mov files to Windows XP SP3 with no problem.

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    THANK YOU!!!

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    This is by far the best article for uploading pics Iphone to comp – saved time/frustration!!

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    Hey there I was able to import my photos from my iPhone to my laptop but I deleted them and when I try to import them again i get a message saying no new images or videos to import but I can’t find the old ones anywhere I emptied the recycle bin and all I still have all the photos in the camera roll on the phone. Any help would be appreciated thanks Eric

  • http://www.franksfight.com/ Sandra

    I have the IPhone, and XP – but, I do not have a cord to plug into the USB port….was one suppose to come with the phone?

    • FrΓΌv

      It’s the cable you’re probably using to charge your phone. Unplug it from the power connector and plug it into your computer.

  • Anonymous

    Usually the scanner camera wizard starts after I plug in the iPhone, but lately it doesn’t. I tried opening the wiz manually after the iPhone is connected, but the iPhone is not recognized in the wiz.

  • Anonymous

    Ican get the photos from my camera roll but not from my other photos folders on the iphone – so I can’t see all the others I’ve taken and filed in that photo section. How do I see all the photos apart from the camera roll ?

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    been trying to fiqure this out for some time

    marc e
    (online PC/SERVER help)

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    I downloaded all the pictures and if I look at my Photos App It says “No Photos or Videos” BUT when I look at Camara App I get “Low Disk Space” “There is not enough disk space to continue taking photes. Make room by deleting existing videos or photos.” What is the issue? Thanks

    • PC Paul

      The disk space is shared with everything else on the iPhone – maybe you’ve filled it up with music, podcasts or whatever?

  • Anonymous

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    I have a windows vista computer and I don’t have the ‘scanner and camera wizard’ programme, I don’t have a similar software either. What can I do about this?

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    Thank you so much for the tutorial regarding downloading iphone photographs to your computer. I too looked everywhere and couldn’t find it. It was very easy to follow and sooo quick. Thanks again.

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    This only works for pics that r on the camera roll. Wut if i had pic folders in there, how do i get them on to the pc?

  • Anonymous

    This method worked for me – one thing though, after launching Scanner and Camera Wizard (the transfer was shown to be going on), I didn’t actually see the transferred photos in the destination directory BUT I was able to now see the photos from my iPhone via file explorer. I was able to just copy everything to where I wanted with no trouble.
    Thanks for this tip! I had tried everything including factory reset on my iPhone to no avail.

    • Anonymous

      STILL HAVING TROUBLE: How long should it take to delete the Apple Mobile USB Driver? I have ITunes 9 on, I disconnected other USB devices, I have the IPhone connected to the USB drive. I”m in Device Manager under Universal Serial Bus controllers..selected Apple Mobile Device USB Driver, pressed Unistall. It never seems to uninstall.
      I connect under Windows XP immediately to ITunes. I’m trying to get the photos transferred from IPhone onto my computer. It worked for the first few times and then stopped working. Any updated help on this matter…PLEASE?!!!

  • Anonymous

    STILL HAVING TROUBLE! How long should it take to delete the Apple Mobile USB Driver? How can it uninstall while connected? I have ITunes 9, I have the Iphone 3gs connected to A USB drive while I’ve disconnected all other USB devices. I’m in Device Manager under Universal Serial Bus controllers…selected Apple Mobile Device USB drive. I pressed uninstall. It never seems to uninstall even after a few hours.
    I connect immediately under Windows XP on my Dell 4600 to iTunes. I’m trying to get photos transferred to the computer. It worked for the first few times after I bought the phone then stopped. Any updated help on this? PLEASE!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I actually disconnected the iPhone and closed iTunes and the USB drive update happened very quickly. That update did not seem to do the trick however – the following did:
      Start –> All Programs –> Accessories –> Scanner and Camera Wizard
      (then follow the steps noted above and allow the Scanner/Camera Wizard to get your photos.)
      I checked again after connecting up my iPhone and I can see my photos from File Explorer as I did before this dumb problem started.

      NOTE: this is just for the photos that are from your Camera Roll, not all the other folders you may have created and synced with on iTunes.

      • Anonymous

        When I disconnect the iPhone the Apple Mobile USB Driver disappears. In Scanner and Camera Wizard I cannot see Apple IPhone. Nor can I see IPhone in File Explorer.

        • Nick

          I am having the same issue — can’t get photos from cameraroll onto my computer. My iPhone shows up in iTunes, but it doesn’t show up in “My Computer” (Windows XP S3) or in Scanner/Camera Wizard. I tried deleting the USB driver and deactivating and activating the Windows Image Manager thing. Those didn’t work.

          The weird part is that I was able to transfer photos until about a week ago. I think the problem started when I synched my iPhone to a different computer, but maybe that was just a coincidence.

          I would be grateful for any solution that works!

          • Anonymous

            Unfortunately I have given up. I email the pictures 5 at a time to my computer, then delete them. Time consuming since I have over 1000 photos!
            I remember having a popup come up when I connected the iPhone that asked me what app and where I wanted to save the pics. I think at one time I was busy doing something else and I pressed Cancel. Since then I have not seen the popup again. Eeesch!!!

          • Nick

            That sounds really painful! But the bigger problem is that by emailing the pictures, they become lower resolution (and the videos get trimmed).

            Hopefully there will be a real solution to this…

          • Anonymous

            Ok found a solution. Don’t know if you can try just this first but create another user on you Windows XP. Reconnect Device. I see it and can see camera pix.
            But what I did first was to delete all my photos. Reconnect USB. Remove the Apple Driver from Device Manager as stated in this blog. then I took 1 pix. reconnected the device and i can now see the iphone as a camera. Good luck peeps. This took me quite a while to figure out!!!

  • miffed

    Glad everyone likes their iphone. I found the task of updating to be nothing as described by Apple and ridiculously time consuming. During a recent connection to my pc to do a backup and update, it deleted ALL of my pics and ALL of my 137 contact info! NEVER again will I plug this damn thing in for an update, I just don’t have the time for this crap! Thank God these incompetent software clowns do not build cars… they’d be putting millions of people in the hospital!

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    But it still doesnt work for me as it shows a message saying “There are currently no pictures on your camera”. I have almost 500 pictures in there!

    Would appreciate your help.

    Many thanks.

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  • Chris

    what about getting pictures off of the iPhone which are in other albums but the “Camera Roll” album? Everyone and their dog talks about how you can use the scanner and camera wizard, or go through another camera program, but none of those ways notices any other pictures but those stored in the Camera Roll

  • Name

    I tried all these but did not work.
    It works great on the vista laptop but not on my xp pro desktop.

    I see the camera icon in windows explorer but when i click on it, it shows nothing. Right click on its properties and it just say it is busy and in use by something…

    I’ve uninstalled the device in both usb and imaging in the device manager, restarted, same issue….

    Cant think of anything else to try….aha i shall try on a new user account maybe? other than that, no idea…

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    I have followed the wizard way, and also with Tanshee software,and yes both times it does transfer photos from my I phone, but only from ‘Camara Roll’ none of the other albums, 1200 photo’s worth seem to be accessible for transferto my PC

  • peter

    I have followed the wizard way, and also with Tanshee software,and yes both times it does transfer photos from my I phone, but only from ‘Camara Roll’ none of the other albums, 1200 photo’s worth seem to be accessible for transferto my PC

  • peter

    It only works 0n the album called Camera roll the other albums, 1200 photos, seem to be inaccessible on the Iphone

  • peter

    It only works 0n the album called Camera roll the other albums, 1200 photos, seem to be inaccessible on the Iphone

  • Anonymous

    my laptop don’t recognize i phone after connection to laptop . which software do I must install before connection.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for your instructions.
    My iphone doesn’t show up in ‘My computer’. When I plug my cameras in, i do see them.. Do you have any idea why the iphone is not showing up? Thank you for your time.

  • Ravi

    Hi, I have a reverse problem.. whenever i connect my iphone via USB, it recognizes the connection as a imaging device. Now even Itunes (version 9) does not recognize my Iphone connection .. I have tried everything, including reinstalling Itunes to disabling the imaging drives in control system.. no luck.. whenever I replug the USB, it all again shows as a scanning/imaging device.. Can someone tell me how to remove this default option so that I can get to regular use of Itunes again.. thanx..

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    I loaded my Iphone with pics from my computer. Then my computer crashed and the only place I have the pics is on my iphone. I would like to reload to my computer but it will only access the Camera Roll NOT any of my photo albums. Can anyone help?

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      Did you ever figure out how to get you non-camera rool pics off the Iphone? I havae the same problem

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    Sorry, didn’t make myself clear. I meant Publisher opens.

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    Help please?

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    went into Device Manager, saw apple mobile device but it wont let me uninstall it as it crashes then i try to update it and its says something like transfering files then after 5 min it crashes again!!! it wont even let me disable the device as it crashes again!!

    Can anyone please help me out as im not that good on computers

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    Don’t download TouchCopy…it only works for 15 days. Cost $24.95 and doesn’t support 4.0


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  • Harry Campbell

    OK, I’ve been messing with this for so long, I’ll try to get help here. I used to get a pop-up when I plugged my iPhone into my PC. Following another tech-recipe article (the fatal moment) I set the auto-run for my iPhone to Take No Action. Since then the pop-up doesn’t show up anymore, but the iPhone no longer shows up under My Computer, and so I cannot download photos. Fortunately iTunes is seeing the phone just fine.

    When I check the devices under Device Manager viewing devices by type, I see the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver under USB Controllers, and I see Digital Still Camera under Imaging devices. The Digital Still Camera shows an exclamation point, and when I check properties on it, I see the following error

    “Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)

    Click Troubleshoot to start the troubleshooter for this device.”

    I notice that when I first plug the phone in, the Imaging device shows up momentarily as iPhone, then changes to Digital Still Camera with the error indication. Also when I change the view to Devices by connection, I see the failed Digitial Still Camera in the hierarchy under the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver.

    Over the last two years I’ve tried reinstalling iTunes, the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver, the DSC device, rebooting, not rebooting, standing on one foot, and facing east; and haven’t been able to get this working again.

    My guess is the problem is something to do with the auto-run settings for the iPhone device (which I’ve not been able to locate in the registry), or some windows OS drivers for DSC have been removed or corrupted.

    I would love to resolve this some day, and will be happy to have your suggestions.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Anonymous

      Hey, Harry. Sorry you are having problems. Setting auto-run for the iphone to “no action” in itself would not give you the problems you are having. The fact that windows is giving you a driver error suggests that you have deeper issues.

      What happens if you remove all other USB devices, reboot, and then try the iPhone in a different USB slot? Do you still get the driver error? Odd errors like this are often due to USB conflicts or faulty USB ports.

      As you have probably seen, you will not be able to unset the “no action” unless you can successfully see the device.

  • Ray

    How do you get non iphone photos off the iphone? I have folders of Photos I want to get off my old iphone and the method presented below only allows you to get photos off the iphone you took with the phone.

    • Anonymous

      You change which photos you wish to sync through iTunes. Click on your phone in iTunes and then select the Photos tab.

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    • Dave

      you’ll just have to create a new folder first in MY PICTURES before you transfer your photos. When you transfer your pics, you should have the option to place them in the folder you created.

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    • TonyK

      I’m having the same problem with videos on my iphone over 500MB. The WILL NOT transfer using any method! I’m really annoyed right now.

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    Thank you so very much. I can’t tell you how frustrated I was trying to do what I thought was straight forward and logical – but just wasn’t. I originally thought I just had to select the photos and “sync” it with iTunes. However, iTunes always erased my pictures since it was always going the other way (PC to iPhone). This was the best search-n-find answer I have had on the Internet in a while. Thank you again.

    • http://www.tech-recipes.com David Kirk – Founder/Editor

      You are welcome. Thanks for your kind words.

  • Marie

    Thanks davak. But I ran into a problem where the phone is detected and the camera wizards opens but shows a message of:”There are currently no pictures on your camera”. But, I fact I do have nearly a 100 photos on my camera roll. This wizard used to help without any issues. I recently (2weeks ago) update my 3GS to OS 4 and thta’s when all the struggling began. Does it means the wizard is no longer able to get the pictures from my device withthe new OS 4? I liked this way better to get/edit photos on my device. PLEASE HELP!!! :'(

    • http://www.tech-recipes.com David Kirk – Founder/Editor

      This is a frequently complaint among users who have updated to iOS4. I can only assume that it’s a bug. What happens if you try to use iPhoto?

    • Ray

      I had same problem on my iPhone 4. Just needed to swipe to unlock the phone, then all was visible.

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      • Dudu Shamir

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        i really appreciate that yo took the time to respond so fast! thanks – dudu

        • http://www.tech-recipes.com David Kirk – Founder/Editor

          Sorry, dudu. I’m no longer a PC guy. Two out of three isn’t bad, right? πŸ™‚

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    dare asking – any simple way to store my contacts list in my pc without the help of ms’s outlook?
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    Any new ideas?
    iphone 4 and windows xp

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    THEN, Scanner and Camera Wizard FINALLY recognised my iPhone and I was able to copy the pictures to my PC.

    Fantastic thank you.

    Ridiculous that we have to scour the web trying to find out how to do this.

  • Shanwalt

    Picasa users can also easily import pics from the iPhone, which appears as a device choice (like a camera or scanner) in the Import menu.As an earlier commenter mentioned, if you have a password lock on the phone, you first must unlock the phone in order for Windows to see the iPhone.

    • Sadkj

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    1: download PICASA from google, which is free,
    2: and connect your ipod/iphone to your computer,
    3: select PICASA 3, and it will automatically pop up PICASA photo album.
    4: select the picture that you wish to copy to your computer,
    5: and choose the location from the bottom left.
    6: click on copy button on the bottom right.


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    downloading my photos to either a PC or a MAC. iPhoto on MAC told me there
    were photos there but they were unusable and could not be downloaded. Same
    with ImageCapture on the MAC.

    On the PC, the camera wizard also did not pick up the iPhone, but
    my Kodak EasyShare software recognized it and downloaded all the pictures to its
    folders. It was easy after that point.

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    pls, any suggestions would be welcome.

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    Is there a way to do this?


    • Amjith_ali

      you can find those in the itunes library cos you had uploaded those photos from your PC to the iPhone and not vice versa. All the photos taken by your iPhone will be available in camera roll only

      • http://www.facebook.com/AgynDe Nhung Nguyen

        This only happens if you uploaded the photos from your PC. What if the PC crashed or all those pics were copied from a third PC and it’s no longer available? I could not find any solution after reading every comment!

  • Ian Parsons

    Right sorted this. Do not have itunes open to start with then attach your iphone to pc by USB. Sometimes when you attach your iphone to your PC on the USB it syncs while not starting itunes automatically. If itunes does not open simply detach the iphone and repeat until itunes acknowledges the phone. When it does then go to My Computer and your iphone will be in the portable devices folder. Then simply copy and paste or drag into a new file.

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      • dddddccc

        Hey JW this post was the (second) most useful tidbit of info on the page. Nobody really addressed this issue. I didn’t think something as simple as unlocking your phone before plugging it in would solve my problem, but THANKS!

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    • Anonymous

      My pleasure! Glad we could help!

      • Guest

        Hi There, I have worked out how to get the photos and video across using scanner and camera wizard.

        Problem 1: The photos come across in a different order to which I took them?

        Problem 2: When I try to play to video, I only get the sound and a blue/green changing colour screen. Any ideas how to get the picture on the video? The files came across to my computer from the iphone and say they are Quicktime movies and I selected to open them with quicktime player but as I said, I only get the audio?

        This is the first time I have asked for help. Any you can give is greatly appreciated.

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    I don’t understand why iTunes can’t do that job – and then they say that apple provides the best user experience :-/

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    It is critically important to use the “Advanced Users Only” option because it’s the only way it copies the files with the correct time when the pictures were taken. I am amazed that other posters are not mentioning this important fact.

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  • Darlinda Hamill

    I followed your directions right up to the part where you click on the scanner and camera wizard and that’s where I got stumped. There was no scanner and camera wizard. I tried to search for it but the computer couldn’t find it. How to I next proceed? Thanks for your help.

  • Clare

    For those who are receiving the message ‘no photos found’ when the wizard loads up, you need to go into the camera roll in your iphone4 and select photos (so the tick appears on them) and then it should pick them all up!!

  • yuhi

    plz can u help me?
    when i try to update my iphone from device manager automatically, it doesnt work.. it says “windows cannot find the necessary software”
    plz help..

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    I got windows 7 (64-bit)
    I used the built in program (windows live photo gallery)

    click file > import from camera or scanner > iphone

  • Baya

    Hey, this is really helpful, except I have one question;

    When I go to the device itself OR the wizard using exactly your steps mentioned above here, my computer says “there are currently no pictures on your camera”, even though I KNOW I have over 300 photos on my iPhone, 90% of which were, in fact, taken directly from my iPhone device. Do you know what I can do about that? Did I miss a step?

    I would really appreciate the help!

  • Baya

    I retract my issue- I went into the camera roll, played around, but a little check by some of the pictures, and they all showed up just fine when I selected to copy the photos over.

    I hope this helps others with this issue too!

  • kvn98036

    Once I opened the Camera Roll on the iPhone, XP located all the pictures. Initially I downloaded the pictures using the Wizard but thanks to the comment from moglodyte (June 11, 2011), I went back and re-downloaded using the β€œAdvanced Users Only” option so I could preserve the correct date and time when the pictures were taken.

  • theo

    Did not work it goes into this screen where it looks as it will connect to the iphone and then I get a pop up saying “The scannet or cammera is in use”.
    Please help this has now become very frustrating

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    I have the opposite problem with my photos, i can get them off the iphone easily….what i want is to transfer photos from my PC to my Iphone….i cant do this with explorer as it just crashes, and i haven’t found a program that works yet…..downloaded a dozen so far. any ideas?

  • Shundip

    Hi, I have tried to do the above but it picks up the videos on my I-Phone as photos – is this correct? Should it not tell u that there are videos on there as well as photos? Or am I missing something as I am reluctant to do the above and delete them just in case it transfers them all as photos and not videos?
    Please advise?

    Kind Regards


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    Thank you so much – worked like a charm! I’ve been trying to figure out how to transfer the pictures from my iPhone to my PC, and then to delete the ones I no longer want to keep on my iPhone, for quite some time. Just using “Sync Photos” in iTunes wasn’t helping at all, and I ended up with MORE photos put back on my iPhone. I consider this a very satisfying achievement for my day!

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    hi.. it doesn’t work!! i plugged in my ipod touch but my computer doesn’t recorgnize it.. though every time i run itunes, it works except from transferring photos.. pls help


  • Charls

    Finally sorted, but only if you untick the itunes setting which automatically opens when you attach your iphone. Otherwise my computer, scanner & camera wizard etc etc never could see it.

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  • David Kirk

    @Donna (tigersmom) — I’m glad we could help! Thanks for the kind words.

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    Thanks for this post… I was unable to download pictures from my iPhone4 onto my laptop(Windows XP) since 6 months. Did lot of research but was of no help. This process is so simple. Thanks again.

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    what about the photos not in the camera roll folder? I have pictures that it synced from my old comp that crashed and now i want those photos back on my pc i aquired

  • JD

    Great info.
    I saw this question asked, but didn’t see a solution. Here’s the scenario…
    Say you have 100 pictures on the iPhone and copy them to your PC, numbered img_001 through img_100 (or similar).
    Then say you delete pics 5, 7, 29 and 76 from your iPhone for whatever reason. This seems to adjust the numbering system on the iPhone, so that pic 6 is now pic 5, pic 8 is now pic 7, and so on.
    So next time you try to sync to your PC the old pics 5, 7, 29 and 76 would be overwritten by the new numbers.
    How can this be avoided without renaming all the pics on the PC?
    Any help is appreciated.

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    Wow, thanks a lot!! So easy, but I tried for 2 years to no avail. I never would have figured it out.

  • Dick


    That method works fine, but I have 2 fairly latge move files (1.7 gb and 2.1 gb) and it gives me a message box that says “The current picture could not be copied….”

    and I am unable to copy these files.

    Any ideas?



  • kulmesk

    Thanks Guys for all you valuable comments. from my iphone 4S i can copy picture to my computer, but not a video. is there anything you would think I should have done to transfer this video to my computer? it just took all space in the iphone drive. please help me on how to transfer(copy) the video to my computer.

  • mark smith

    when I download the iphone video to win xp and play it it looks grainy and not the good color it is on the iphone what am I doing wrong???

  • jacob

    hey i tried this and it does the photos but my computer doesnt recognize my videos as videos it just turns them into pics and they wont run as a video. what do i do??

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    I think I may have a solution to some of the issues above. I was having the same trouble getting valuable pictures from my I-Phone 4 onto my windows 7 pc. I’ve found that I could open the device but there werre no files present when the window was opened. After pluging my Iphone in and disconnecting several times I tried looking to the other options available from the little pop up window. On the list were several references to Iphone. I simply changed all of them to “open to view files” and the next time I tried to import it worked exactly as stated above.

    Hope this helps

  • Dave

    I think I may have a solution to some of the issues above. I was having the same trouble getting valuable pictures from my I-Phone 4 onto my windows 7 pc. I’ve found that I could open the device but there werre no files present when the window was opened. After pluging my Iphone in and disconnecting several times I tried looking to the other options available from the little pop up window. On the list were several references to Iphone. I simply changed all of them to “open to view files” and the next time I tried to import it worked exactly as stated above.

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