Blackberry: Uninstall and Delete Applications

Running out of room on your precious device? Do you have too many things installed? Remove those extra applications and make your some more room.

This will remove applications from your device. If these applications are essential or system related, you could break your device. It is always safer to just hide the icon and leave it on your device. Hiding the icon still means, however, that the applications is taking up room.

To reclaim the room, remove that app!

1. Go to the main screen
2. Select Options
3. Select Applications
4. Select the app you want to remove
5. Select Delete from the menu
6. Confirm deletion.


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The Conversation

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  • Colin

    This is partially correct for the Blackberry Pearl 8130. If you have the Pearl, try this:

    1. Go to the main screen
    2. Select Options>ADVANCED OPTIONS
    3. Select Applications
    4. Select the app you want to remove
    5. Select Delete from the menu
    6. Confirm deletion.

    The directions posted previously omit part of step 2.

    • MOB

      Colin’s adjustment is also true for the curve as well

    • Alden

      I followed the above instruction and was able to delete the application from the list, but when I get back on the Home screen, the icon is still there. Did I miss something? Please help. I’m using BB8830.

  • Jason

    I am so confused. when I select he application there is no option to delete. What am I missing?

    • Jason

      nevermind to clarify for others as stupid as me, you have to select te application the hit the menu button thats the button just to the left of the ball that has 7 little dots on it.

      • Anonymous

        Even when I do that, I still don’t get a delete option. All I get is two options – Close or Switch Application. Help me please !!

        • Mdubsice

          you have to select the icon on your menu screen that looks like a wrench. it is titled ‘options’

  • How’s this any different than just selecting the application from the home menu, clicking the blackberry button, selecting delete?

  • Anonymous


    • TOphotog

      Highlight the button – menu – HIDE

  • Anonymous

    how the hell do i delete the browser on the applications menu?

  • Candice

    the apps i wanted to delete were not listed in OPTIONS> APPLICATIONS (even if i hit the bb hard button and selected modules, they were unlisted).

    However, I found them in OPTIONS> SERVICE BOOK. just select and delete such things as yahoo msger or googlr talk ect….

    hope that helps!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the info. Very helpful!

    • neenee76

      Thank you so much. This was very helpful!

  • Aejuarez

    How do I delete youtube, twitter, skype, social beat, slacker and flicker from my Blackberry Storm?

  • Frog8mc

    i deleted it, but it still shows the app as uninstalled

  • akuyo

    that i not removed application. just deleted the icon.