Outlook 2007: Color-Code Messages in Your Inbox for Easier Discovery

Posted May 14, 2007 by Rob Rogers in Microsoft Outlook

Using color-coding of your Inbox messages can easily help you find emails from important senders, such as your boss or spouse. Outlook makes this a simple process to set up by utilizing the Organize functionality, here’s how:

1. Click Tools and select Organize.

2. Above your Inbox, a Ways to Organize Inbox pane will appear.

3. On the left of the pane, select Using Colors.

4. Go to the Inbox and select a message from the sender whose messages you want to color-code.

5. Go back to the Organize pane.

6. After Color messages, select from (from the dropdown). In the textbox next to the dropdown, you will see the name of the desired sender. Select the desired color from the next dropdown and click the Apply Color button.

7. Repeat the above steps for each sender whose messages you wish to color-code. When finished, close the Organize pane by clicking the x in the upper-right corner of the pane.


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The Conversation

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  • Laura

    how do you remove the color? I have tried to reset to black and have tried to delete the setting from the advance options.

  • georgia

    unfortunately, the organize button is not highlighted so i can’t get to the next step.
    Any suggestions?

    • Srinivas

      Upgrade to Office 2010

  • Lindy

    Thank you so much for this. It worked like a charm.

  • Dev_es

    Thanks.. its working

  • Ankit_kapasi

    I am trying to colro Blue the messages only sent to me or where I am the only person in TO field but this is not working. Pls advise.

  • How do you remove the color? Somehow I turned all the emails red.

  • Darrell

    To remove the colour, click on Automatic Formatting (top right). In the pop up find the rule that is causing the problem in the list. Select it and click Delete.

  • Stan

    Message says I cannot add another color rule because you I have exceeded the maximum number of rules for this folder.

    How do I correct this and can the rules be changed or increased?