Outlook 2007: Show the Total Number of Items in a Mail Folder

Outlook’s Navigation Pane, by default, shows the number of unread items in each Mail Folder. You can change each folder to instead show the total number of items in that mail folder. This is a great way to get a feel of how much email you are actually holding on to. It also is quite useful for monitoring how many messages are in your Deleted Items and Sent Items folders.

1. Go to the Mail Folders in the Navigation Pane.

2. Right-click on a folder, for example Inbox or Deleted Items.

3. Select Properties.

4. On the General tab, beneath the Description memo box, select Show total number of items.

5. Click OK.

Repeat these steps for each mail folder that is to display the total number of items within it.


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The Conversation

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  • Joe Jackson

    Hello. After deleting all items in the “deleted” folder, there is a number in brackets after the “deleted Items” folder. However, when I open the folder, there is nothing there.

  • hugh

    Is there any way to change this permaneantly for every folder?

  • Chris

    Is there a way to get this information for an entire archive or .pst folder? For instance, can I get the total number of mails stored in each subfolder of an archive as an aggregate total?

  • saravanan

    This is not working for newly created PST.

  • Gail Price

    I used to have a folder titled “Unread Items” that I could click on and it sorted them all together for easy review. How did I lose it and how do I get it back?

  • Larisa

    Hello, thanks for stating so simply how to show the total number of emails in a folder.

    Is there a way of going to a specific email by number? I have to find email number 1034 out of 2021 in a folder and don’t want to have to count through them manually!

    thanks for your help.

    kind regards