Firefox: Open Search Results in New Tab

   Posted February 23, 2007 by David Kirk in Mozilla Firefox

Usually when I using google from the toolbar, I do not want to close out my current page. If you want to open a new tab when searching from the firefox toolbar, here are your options.

Typically when you search from the firefox toolbar, it changes out your current tab for your search results. Here is how to open that google search (or whatever search engine you choose) in a new tab.

After you input your text into the search box in the firefox toolbar, hold ALT when you press ENTER.

Yeah, ALT+ENTER will do it. Easy, huh?

If you want this to be your default way to search…

    1. In firefox, type about:config in the URL box
    2. In the filter box, paste this text:

    3. Change the value to true by double-clicking the previous “false” text.

It should look like this when you are done:



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  • gregory

    I changed the about:config setting and nothing and it’s driving me nuts any help out there?

  • admin

    I changed the configs & hit the magnifying glass, and it did NOT seem to work. However, if I hit the ENTER button instead of the mag. glass symbol, it did work just as promised. HTH

  • Truth


  • graemewa

    fab tip – much appretiated

  • Prateek

    Bingo Many thanks sir, I was looking for this option for long , never knew it was so easy. no need to install any addons

  • Voila

    perfect – thank you!!

  • ajax

    thank you

  • Mike Macias

    Thanks for this it worked great! Now I can open my firefox search results in a new tab

  • Name

    Does not work 3,5 :(

  • Anonymous

    Great tip! I’ve been trying to get this functionality for a long time, using addons that are now outdated.

    Works great in 3.5.

  • Sean Young

    very helpful – thx

  • 5cr1pt0r

    That was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you

  • Flight

    good tip thanks

  • lawnmow3rg1rl

    THANK YOU. =]

  • Offbeat Dave

    Thank you! Now I can get rid of Google toolbar and free up a few mm on browsing space! Thanks!

    (Working in Firefox 3.6.2 – March 2010)

  • Olgaorel

    Thank you!!!

  • Titamou

    I’m so greatful about this information. Thank you very much! You saved me of so much trouble!

  • shan

    Thanks for this. It works as long as you hit enter or one of the lists that pop up from google.

  • jasir

    i was using tab mix plus just for this one feature. well, mostly just for this. i can get rid of it now :)

  • james


  • PW

    It worked! Thank you! :)

  • Felix

    thanks man, just what I was looking for

  • steph

    This is great. I’m going to use this as the slightly inelegant solution to my problem of opening a new tab to google without a mouse-click.

    Now, is there another easy fix that will delete the search text from the search box after it’s been searched for? For some reason it bothers me that my last search remains in the box for all to see.