Excel 2007: How To Add a Trendline to a Chart

Posted February 12, 2007 by Rob Rogers in Microsoft Excel

Trendlines are useful for revealing patterns or trends in your data. They are mostly used in XY scatter charts but are also useful in line, area, and bar charts. To add a trendline to your chart, follow these instructions…

1. Select the chart.

2. Select the series you wish to use to create the trendline.

3. Go to Chart Tools, select the Layout tab and click Trendlines.

4. Select the type of relationship you are expecting the data to reveal, your choices are Linear, Exponential, Linear Forecast, or Two Period Moving Average. You can also select More Trendline Options to reveal even more types.

5. Right-click the newly created trendline and select Format Trendline. Use the Line Color, Line Style and Shadow sections to modify the look of the trendline.

6. Click Close.


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  • http://www.color-chart.org color_chart

    very useful thank you very much 🙂

  • http://www.garyallison.com Gary

    Not e: this only works with 2D charts. Excel won’t let you add a trendline to a 3D chart type

    • Jaclyn

      Thank you for adding that extra bit of info about the 3D charts! I was about to pull my hair out! LOL

  • poo

    i love you thx !!!!!

  • excel is bad

    great explenation!

  • d

    thanks a lot!

  • drowing_in_stats

    Worked perfectly; thanks 🙂

  • Gazza

    Why is the help so much worse than previous versions.

    Its pretty sad really. I’ve noticed this with MS products over the last few releases. Google out performs help on all levels from low end user apps to server products.

    A excel help search, brings up the mathmatical theory behind trend lines!

    thanks for posting this though cheers

  • Anonymous

    Trendline for polynomial is having a factor E in it. What is it? Can someone explain.
    I appreciate your help on this. Thanks.

  • http://www.rackmanagerpro.com rackmanager

    I don’t have trend line button on the ribbon tab.How to get the trend line in there?

    • TBright163

      I think you have to select the axis you want to use to add the trend line to, then you can select the Layout menu and find the trend button.

  • Borech911

    Большое спасибо очень помогло:))))))))))

  • J5girl_89

    My data looks very logorithmic, but it won’t allow me to use that trendline, why???

  • Cumbestwesley

    does anyone know how to add a trend line on excel 2008 for mac???

  • Dale Mackay

    Excel 2007 I don’t have trend line button on the ribbon tab.How to get the trend line in there

  • Joe Camilleri

    I have 2 major problems with SOME date/value charts in Excel 2007
    (a) the moving average plots before the last data point, e.g. in range of 10 dates/values, the trendline for a 3 deep MAV is plotted along points 2 to 8 only.
    (b) if the data series is vertical and in descending date order, so I can only get a left-to-right history in the plot if I ‘reverse’, which then shifts the value scale (y-axis) to the right of the chart. How can I have both the axis on the left hand side and the left-to-right history?

    Grateful for any help from anyone.


  • Joe Camilleri

    Sorry….in previous post, I meant to say re Excel 2010……net 2007


  • Tom Fraser

    The trendline option is grayed out. How do I get it to be selectable?

  • inder

    like it