Vista Solitaire Cheat (with Screencast)

Of course, the vista version of solitaire has a cheat. I could just describe the keystroke, but that might be a little boring. Wait, I know. I’ll go over the top and do a screencast…

Well, you don’t have to watch the screencast to learn about the cheat. I am not that silly.

Solitaire One Card Cheat:

Hold CTRL+ALT+Shift while you click the deck. You will flip over one card instead of the normal three. If you don’t know how powerful that is, then you are obviously a solitaire n00b.

I know you are dying to see it in action.


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The Conversation

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  • Joslyn

    Um you can go to options and select 1 card draw instead of 3. This is useless.

  • Arch

    uhmm idiot … wen u use one card the minute ur deck get to 0 and u open it again it minuses 100 off ur score in 3 card it doesnt so u can get a higher score with this cheat!!

  • Laura

    I want to know how to flip the deck over after going through it one time. I have windows XP and Windows n98 on 2 other computers and you can go through the deck multiple times, with vista I can only get thru it once. help!!

    • Green2196

      i had that problem too. you can go to options and change it too standard scoring instead of vegas and you can flip through it as many times as posible

  • marinaahn

    for da 1 card cheet, u cud hav just went 2 da opshons and selected draw 1.

  • duh

    wow, you should go to vegas.

  • hupe

    boah wie gut wär ich yetz net drauf gekommen xD
    kann man auch einstellen du lauch

  • Anonymous

    i dont know how powerful this is
    explain ..

  • Name

    that’s silly, you can just adjust it to be a one card flip on the settings!

  • Arch

    vista has no cheats its only windows

  • Anonymous

    that is not a cheat!!!!!

  • Anonymous


    • JWEST

      you people are retarded! it is a cheat because this allows you to change from 3 cards to 1 card mid-game. all incredibly stupid and worthless do you feel now, morons?