Vista Business Edition: Install or Enable Games

   Posted January 29, 2007 by David Kirk in Microsoft Vista

A buddy of mine was shocked when his addition of vista business did not include any games. Well, they are there, but they are just hidden. Here are the steps to access and unhide the games in Vista Business.

Business is business–except when it is not. Business people need their little games too. Here is how to find them in vista business edition:

1. Click Start
2. Click Control Panel
3. Click Programs
4. Click Programs and Features
5. Select Windows features on or off from the left column
6. Accept the UAC
7. Check the Games checkbox


8. Hit OK


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  • Tony

    I completed the above – exactly- on several occasions and each time I hit “OK” the system froze and I had to reboot .

    Any ideas waht I can do ??


    • Yaguan

      You got to really wait, maybe even 10 minutes – have a coffe or smthn.
      P.S. I had to wait about 15 minutes for my VistaBsns to proceed with installation – after formating…

  • Jith

    great TIP!!!, HAPPY GAMEING!!!

  • Tim


  • learyf

    thx, i did not know this before, i really thought games are not included in vista business

  • john

    Thank you! 🙂

  • Yaguan

    Thanks for the games!!! – I’m searching the web all day for Windows solitaire and there they are – magnificent. Thanx again.

  • Allison

    thanks so much, it worked!

  • Shader

    Thanks dude..simple trick but nice post.

  • Josephine

    Thank you very much. I need my games to keep me sane

  • bri

    Excellent instructions.

  • brian martin

    i did not help tried and tried and tried stil donot have any games please help want games

  • Anonymous


    This works

  • Anonymous

    thx 🙂

    this really helped me out since i got hooked on the inkball game when playing on my gf’s pc, and i freaked out i could not find it at work too 😀

  • Anonymous

    8 Aug. 2009
    So happy to have this recipe in my files. everything worked fine. Thank you!

  • Anonymous

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  • JoAn

    That worked. THANK YOU!! Now….where’s the website that tells us how to cure spider solitaire addiction???

  • Anonymous

    I have the same problems but my games checkbox is gone. It use to be there.

  • Kumar

    Thank you Dear Sir.