Word 2007: Add Figure Numbers and Captions to Your Graphics

It often helps to use a caption for your image to provide additional info or point out specifics. You can add a caption and identifying figure number to charts, SmartArt, clip art and pictures.

1. Go to the desired image in your document.

2. Right-click the image.

3. Select Insert Caption to open the Caption dialog box.

4. Type your caption in the Caption textbox.

5. Choose the label and position from the corresponding dropdowns.

6. Click OK.


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  • chitradevi


    This was very useful. But i have a problem.

    My caption style disappears from the style bar when i convert the word 2003 document to PDF.

    But the caption style is present in the template but not displayed in the style bar.

    Why this happens and is there any possibility to make it display even after converting to PDF is done.

    Thanks and regards,
    T. Chitra devi.

  • Dianne

    How do I renumber a Figure number once it is formatted? When I do that now it loses the formatting that designates it as a Figure and then it doesn’t show up in my Table of Figures

  • Bla


  • Appleallen2

    Now how do I reference the figure in the text. How do I create a list of figures?

  • Sunil


    i need help regarding Caption for figure…

    in word 2007 ,, whenever i insert a new figure then it should get automatic caption and figure number.. for this what i have to do . please help me.

  • Robert Powell

    When I right click on an inserted photo in word 2007 nothing happens. How do I insert figure numbers and captions?

  • Sridharan

    Useful information