Word 2007: How to Insert Footnotes

Posted January 19, 2007 by Rob Rogers in Microsoft Word

Footnotes are sometimes necessary for providing additional information in your document. They normally use a superscript number as a marker, making it easy for the reader to simply look down from the text to the notes at the bottom to gather further information. Word automatically keeps track of the numbering and placement of the footnotes for you, making this a painless task to perform when writing that thesis, book, or scientific paper. To insert footnotes into your Word document, do the following…

1. Click the place in your document that you wish to place the insertion point for the reference mark to the footnote.

2. In the Ribbon, click the References tab.

3. In the Footnotes section, click Insert Footnote. Word will insert the reference mark at the point you selected and then take you to the bottom of the page.

4. Type your footnote.

5. When you are done, right-click the footnote and select Go to Footnote to take you back to the insertion point in the main body so you can continue working on your document.


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  • Groove Heroine

    Thanks for the tip, I was wondering what it was.

  • Lauren

    thanks its been bothering me for moths!

    • Jo Mama

      I hate those pesky moths!

  • Samantha Kue

    Thanks, very helpful!!!!!!!

  • http://www.webmss.com cindy

    How do you get the footnotes to stay on the same page? Some of the text flows to the next page.

    • Robert

      > How do you get the footnotes to stay on the same page? Some of the text flows to the next page. I did not see a reply to this question from a previous comment. Thanks…

  • Uranela

    how can I insert comment in a footnote. meaning, to comment the text in the footnote

    • anotherEditor

      Oh no, your comment is a year old! If you found the answer and ever wander back here, please share the solution!

  • Dave

    why does the bar separating the footnotes from the text generate UNWANTED paragraph breaks? How do I get rid of them?

  • Actionhero

    awesome job man !!!!

  • Note

    The tip doesn’t work, when you right click the footnote, it doesn’t take you back to the document, it’s greyed out.

  • darl

    When writing a paper summary is references in side the body of the summary necessary?

  • natalie

    what if i just want to insert numbers but not have the notes on the bottom of the page? and have the notes on another sheet of paper?
    how do i get rid of the line on the bottom of the page?

    • Pmittelstadt2

      You want end notes, not foot notes

  • PamE

    What if you need to refer to the same citation multiple times within a document? There used to be an option in 2003 but I can’t figure it out in 2007. tx

    • Matt

      1,000 times this.

    • Dudfh

      I had the same problem, then came across this information:

      Go to the Insert tab and clinck Cross Reference

      Select Footnote as Reference Type.

      In the Insert Reference to list box, select Footnote Number (Formatted).

      Click Insert.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks a ton. Its exactly what I was looking for.

  • Nancy Teppler

    Extremely helpful. Thank you so much. This tip prevented a lot of wasted time.

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    This website is great! Thank you!

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    How AWESOME!!!! Thank you for this MUCH needed information!

  • Name

    ah, yes. but how do you footnote a footnote? is there some work-around to allow me to do this?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, saved me a bunch of time 🙂

  • Anonymous

    how can we put foot not at right side

  • Lauren

    Thanls! helped a ton!

  • Agness

    Thanks a lot! I was confused with the tab “Insert footnote”.It was inserting the same footnote in every page.Your solution is the correct one!
    Thanks again!

    • Anonymous

      Glad we could help!

  • Ezri_7

    Thank you so much!!

  • Yuvraj

    Thanks a lot for the crisp and great tip. Although the ribbon controls are convenient to you, it takes some time to learn the details…

  • Zoo

    Thanks for the tip, I was wondering what it was.

  • G_leonhazelwood

    Yes but how do I set it up so that different pages include a different pages.
    When I add a footnote it puts the same note on every single page… a little annoying.

  • Nazia

    Thanks. It is really helpful. Actually I knew it but I forgot that how to insert.

  • Apostacy03

    So why did Windows decide to move everything around in Office 2007? Were their GUI developers bored? I’m sure they’ll do it again in Office 2011 or Office 2014, if they’re still around.

  • Ashisr

    I was trying all possible ways but failed. You saved my time.
    Thank you.

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  • Aaaa

    thanks, but i think is should be better way to come back to your main text, its too slow to use your mouse for that

  • Seanoneill

    you never explained about the motion controls inside of the numchuck controller

    • Seanoneill90

      oops wrong tab im sorry

      • Anonymous

        LOL. I was wondering what the heck you were talking about.

  • jeff

    my footnotes always goes in the middle. i want to put it on the left of the page. how do you do it? thanks

    • http://www.tech-recipes.com/ Rob Rogers

      Right-click on the footnote. When the mini toolbar appears, click the center align button on it and your footnote should move back to the left. Clicking the center align button again will return it to center.

  • Valambrosa

    How can I get rid of all footnotes and start again from scratch?

    • joebob

      you go to the reference point and hit backspace

  • someomne

    when do i put em

    • Coastiegirl96

      You put a footnote or endnote when you have to say additional information, or are using a direct quote and need to cite the source.

  • Coastiegirl96

    Does the footnote come at the beginning or end of the word you’re putting it on.? I’m so stuck on this and it’s due tomorrow..HELPP! xP

    • Coastiegirl96

      Liking it really, does not help me.

  • Mitra

    do u have any idea about inserting footnote from the endnote? i mean no need to type the footnote directly it is formated by the endnote and we insert the footnote from the end note.??????

  • Footnote help

    If i used the footnote twice in my paper, do I insert a new footnote for each page if they’re on different pages?

  • Ghfksjhfksf

    tnx !!!

  • Anon

    I had a problem with the “cross-reference” option when you click “insert” on the ribbon. But here is how to fix it! I had a series of references, for example:

    Cats are brown in Europe (1), but white in Australia (2). The brown cats are very cute (1). The white cats are very smart (2)

    (1) Source 1 originally
    (2) Source 2 originally

    I inserted the first (1) and (2) endnotes using the “insert endnote” function found on the “references” ribbon. I then inserted the second (1) that you see in “the brown cats are very cute” using the “cross-reference”. I did the same for the second (2) that you see in “the white cats are very smart”.

    If I go back to edit the document and add right in the beginning with a reference the list of endnotes changes. For example:

    Cats are mammals(1). Cats are brown in Europe (2), but white in Australia (3). The brown cats are very cute (1). The white cats are very smart (2)


    (2) Source 1 originally

    (3) Source 2 originally

    You see that the “endnote” references have updated, but now the “cross-reference” links! To solve this problem, select all your text (click on the first word in your document and press Ctrl-A) and then update the fields (press F9). Its that simple

  • Mramba Dennis

    very helpful, thanks


    I want my foot note number to always be superscript, but it is a normal size font and looks out of place. How can I make it superscript without having to go to another place, highlighting and changing it?

  • http://areil340.blogspot.com/ adzrizal

    Thanks a lot, it really help me.

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    Thank you a lot. I will be referring students to your site to learn more about office 2007.

  • mohamad

    How to isert footnoteo line to the left at bottom page?

  • Richard

    I have a 100 page document and want to insert a footnote on certain pages (5.6,72,88) using a macro. I have tried to create a section on each page to isolate the pages I want to insert the footnote onto, however am not having luck. Is there a trick to this?

  • Mackenzie

    thanks a lot, it really helped me out

  • Warwick

    I have a technical document that I use the same footnote throughout but when I insert the footnote the second time it gives it a new number – how do i get to repeat footnote 5 (as it is refered to again) when I am already on footnote 12

  • Rose

    yello, just to say a big thank you for relieving mr from the stress of getting on how to do footnoting to no avail.im really grateful.May God bless you a hundred fold.

  • parasol kopen

    Better late than never I always say!

  • Hazel Holliday

    Please could you help me alter footnotes so that they begin at 1 for each new section rather than continuous numbering throughout the document?

  • l

    thx a lot! i didnt c that lolz

  • YKE

    Thank you for the tutorial! This was very helpful.

  • mona

    you are such a hero! well done and thanks a million for your help

  • George

    First of all it takes longer to get to the appropriate help site than in WORD 97, which was one click away. Secondly in WORD 97 I could just click in the task bar at the top on the word INSERT and a dropdown menu appeared on which I could immediately click on footnote and start typing it. I could leave the footnote by simply moving the mouse back into the main text. Why on earth did Bill Gates decide to make it more involved in WORD 2007 ?
    There are many things now in WORD 2007 that are more involved to obtain and implement than WORD 97. In addition his WINDOWS 8 is a dog’s breakfast and I hate it as do many businesses here in Australia that refuse to buy a computer with WINDOWS 8 installed.
    Nevertheless, I thank Rob for providing the instructions to get a footnote into my documents.

  • negin

    thank you,I was wondering!!!

  • Boo

    Hi, Any one can help to solve the problem in MS word.
    ** i have word document with Footnotes and end notes link.
    Now i want remove all the link, without any changes.

    • judy

      > I think if you highlight each footnote and hit delete it will disappear. If you want to make a further comment on the footnote there is a comment box in the same section that adds a callout window (in pink, no less)

  • judy

    Not the questiion i was asking, and not the answer I was hoping for. This is basically what I already do, i was looking for an answer to a slightly different footnot problem. No one seems too interested in the support section either