Word 2007: Using Address Block in a Mail Merge

Posted January 11, 2007 by Rob Rogers in Microsoft Word

Mail merge has been around forever, but one aspect of it has always been a real pain. Dealing with a list of addresses that sometimes utilize Address 2 (or even Address 3) while others do not can leave you with unwanted blank lines in your merged document. Using the Address Block setting in Word 2007 makes this quite simple as it will automatically suppress any blank lines, leaving you with a properly formatted address. To use this great feature . . .

1. Select the Mailings tab from the Ribbon.

2. Click Start Mail Merge to select the type of document you desire. Click on the type and then select the proper options from the resulting dialog box and click OK.

3. Click Select Recipients and select the location of your recipients. You can create a new list if you need to. Go through the resulting dialog box(es) to select the intended recipients.

4. Instead of inserting the merge fields for the name and address, click Address Block. This will bring up a dialog box allowing you to choose what elements you wish to include. These include the recipient’s name, company name, and postal address. Select the desired elements by clicking on the corresponding checkboxes.

5. Click the Match Fields button to make sure that all fields match up. If not, use the corresponding dropdowns to select the appropriate field for that component.

6. Click OK to close the dialog box.

Your address block has now been added to your document. This will suppress any blank lines in any of the chosen fields, resulting in a clean and professional looking document for the recipients.


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  • gh

    This doesn’t work.

  • Tapi

    Thanks for the info bit how do I achieve the the same result for a word document with merge fields that are not addresses? I just have two coulumns with about 100 merge fields and would like to supress any blanks if the merge fields in one line are blank. The above solution has dialogue boxes on matching addresses popping up. I am not using addresses.

  • Anna

    I just did this but end up with gaps – I matched to create the following: Name, Job Title, Company, Add 1, Add2, Town, City, Postcode, and it was a disaster. There were gaps in the address where it was just a street and town, and with seven lines it was too big for the window envelope and I couldn’t get two items on one line.

    Also the salutation was set to put Dear Sir/madam where there was no name, but it came up with dear, and nothing else unless I added it manually. Boss not impressed as he wanted to sign 635 mailmerged letters before leaving for Hong Kong today and I let him down badly..

    Any help /comments most welcome!


  • Sandip Rawool

    I want import at a time one or more address mail merge list isit posible

  • JOHN

    above does not work if some name fields are blank . – puts word “Family” in when it can not find a name for spouse etc ..

    needs to be fixed in line wih access label creation field options

  • Joyce

    I am missing the postal code in my match field selection…how come…and how do I get it back???

  • Barbara

    I did all that was recommended and my address block goes to the return address instead of the mailing address on envelope.

  • Kartik kamath

    When i click the address block option it appears only in the first label, and when i click update label it appears in the second label… How do i get it to appear in all the labels at once? Please reply its a little urgent