Outlook 2007: How To Create a New Data File (PST)

As in previous versions of Outlook, the new version allows you to create data files (PST’s) to store your messages and such. However, the new interface requires some different steps than the older versions. To create a new data file, follow this tech-recipe:

1. Click File and select Data File Management.

2. Under the Data Files tab, click Add.

3. Select the desired type of data file.

4. Click OK.

5. In the new window, browse to the location that the file will be saved.

6. In the File name box, type the name for file.

7. Click OK.

8. In the Create Microsoft Personal Folders dialog box, type the name that will be displayed in Outlook for the data file in the Name box.

9. Click OK.

10. Click the Close button in the Account Settings dialog box.


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    • Cannot find Outlook.pst file
    • Error has been detected in the .pst file
    • .pst is not a personal file folder
    • File patch could not be accessed.
    • .pst can not be accessed – 0×80040600 or Unknown errors.
    • An unknown error has occurred 0×80040118.

    There can be many reasons for the above error messages, like Outlook PST file is affected by Virus attack, Corruption in .pst file header due to improper outlook shutdowns etc.

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