Blackberry: Removing applications/Setting Permissions

   Posted November 21, 2006 by Jimmy Selix in Blackberry

This is another quickie blackberry recipe that will show how to remove applications from your blackberry and also how you can resetup permissions for applications (i know i’ve deny’d access to applications and realized i needed them to have those permissions!).

Removing Applications:
On your blackberry, go to Options > Advanced Options > Applications.

Scroll through the list and highlight the one you want to remove.
Click on it, choose Delete.
It will ask you if you are sure, choose Delete. It may ask you to reset your device after removing the program

Changing Permissions on Applications
On your blackberry, go to Options > Advanced Options > Applications.

Scrolll through the list and highlight the application whose permissions we want to modify.
Click on it, choose Edit Permissions.
This will let you modify the Connections, Interactions, and User Data permissions. Click on the expand option for each to show all of the subcategories of permissions.

Also, you can also edit your Default Permissions too if you want from here too, just click on any application in the list and choose Edit Default Permissions. These permissions are used whenever you install a new application, also you can apply these permissions to all of your current applications if you need to.


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  • Ravindra

    Is there any programmatic way to set these settings rather than manually?

  • michelle

    i removed my FACEBOOK application and the icon is still there.. how can i get that to go away?

    • Anonymous

      i just found this and did it and it worked go to options advanced options then service book then look for the name of the application and then hit menu and chose delete. It took the icon away :O) it took me forever to find this.

      • Paul

        This worked…thanks a million!! been searching all over trying to figure this out

        • Graham

          Finally! Thank you so much!

      • Anonymous

        thanx alot it worked for me… this is exactly what i have been looking for!

      • Tracie Biegler

        Cool thanks!

      • Anonymous

        Thanks that’s what I was looking for too!

      • D

        oh my gosh thank you so much I’ve been trying to figure that out for so long

      • Owimevil

        thank you so much!!!

      • Ehsbones

        Thanks for that. This got alot of things I didn’t need on my phone. But I still cannot get rid of Pocket Express. Any ideas?

  • Anonymous

    Michelle, restart your blackberry.

  • krish

    thanks a lot!!!

  • Holly

    thanks so much! the facebook app was slowing down the phone and i couldn’t get anything done…serves me right for going with windows instead of mac

  • jennifer

    I’ve deleted on app that I didn’t want, but when I follow this process I can’t see Facebook listed in the Apps, and so can’t delete it

    • lil mamma

      jenn go to options, advanced options,applications, then scroll down select the one you want to delete then press delete

  • Alicia

    when i highlight the app i want to remove there is no option to delete on the menu, and when i press my delete key, nothing happens.. what should i do?

  • jose


  • pat

    you da man !!!!


  • Mimi

    That was easy. Thanks!!

  • Ravi T

    great, thanks !

  • Morgan

    This did the trick. Thank you

  • Anonymous

    When I go to options, there is no “advanced options”

  • Anonymous

    Found it. Thanks.
    Another question. My facebook appl says it has custom connections and interactions permissions. What does that mean? Is facebook on my blackberry just taking up too much space??

  • lyn

    I end up on a properties read-only page for the app. I have a Blackberry Curve. Do you have another suggestion?

  • Anonymous

    how do u get bbm back on after deleting ti

  • Anonymous

    Thanks. Too many menus on this thing.

  • Name

    How do set a tone for your bb messages

  • Nick

    I have a stubborn app in my ‘Downloads’ folder that I cannot remove, it is not visible when going through the desktop manager or the method described above (Options > Advanced Options > Applications)
    cannot find it anywhere, the app does not work when clicking on it, just gives a message saying ‘upgrade your service plan for browsing’ (I have unlimited web use)
    How do I remove this file/icon?
    I’ve restarted the blackberry but icon/file still appears in the downloads folder
    i’ve also looked in the folders when browsing in windows explorer (nothing)

    I have BB 8520, OS v 6.1 plat 4.2 (if that helps)

    • Anonymous

      Nick, im having the same problem…ive deleted an app that i had, but in app world under the section ‘my world’ the icon is still there and says ‘uninstalled’….i deleted it, not uninstalled it…how the heck do i get rid of it completely?

  • Nick

    oh!! forgot

    the stubborn file is

    Nobex Radio Companion (Archived)

  • whoo!

    thank u!

  • Anonymous

    I have blackberry 8830 world edition. Tried to delete some application the way you described and found out there is no “DELETE” option in Options > Advanced Options > Applications. Can it be that this specific version does not allow it? Sprint is the carrier. Your help is greatly appreciated.

  • Anonymous

    thank you for your help

  • Anonymous

    thanks a lot

  • Anonymous

    I have applications still showing up on my desktop but they aren’t on the applications list. How can I delete these for good?

  • Tracie Biegler

    This is awesome! Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    When I go to applications neither “Bing” nor “Slacker Radio” show up in the list. I can’t find either of the two apps anywhere in the phone. I can’t figure out how to delete them.

    • kristi

      Did you ever figure out how to delete these two apps/icons? I have the same problem!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks. That was so simple but I am new to the wonderful world of BB

  • Anonymous

    Are there any apps that come with that phone that I wont need and can delete?

  • manhar

    i connect facebook via my bb8520, it enabled internet, but it shows a message that “handheld cannot enabled for this services.”

  • Anonymous

    Well that’s all well and good if the application shows up in the Applications list, but if it doesn’t (and there are plenty that don’t) yer just screwed.

    • lala

      i heep running into this issue as well

  • Mike B

    I can not edit permissions on my BB 8330 for Google Maps. I have clicked on Allow but it always goes back to Custom. After downloading Maps it continues to tell me to Try Again. Please help……….

    • td

      options -> advanced options -> applications -> press your menu button -> modules

  • Anonymous

    Some permissions it only selects Deny or Prompt, never Allow. How do I get these to show Allow?

  • Anonymous

    I tried to remove the Twitter app and it doesn’t remove. It says “uninstalled” in my apps list, but is still sending notifications to my email every few minutes. I restarted my bb by removing the battery for a minute. I also tried deleting through Options, Applications, Delete, then reboot. Still nothing.

    • Kate

      Did you ever figure out how to get rid of twitter from your phone? cause I am having the same problem and its driving me CRAZY!

  • Asad

    i turn off my bb device then i turn on my device he show me the applocation error and can’t proper on please tell me what can i do remove this application error.

  • courtney

    how do i get a you tube to play i keep getting error message

  • ladyinfo

    great step right on the money

  • Faizan Ather

    thanx it really worked …

  • suz

    Awesome! I couldn’t figure this out for the longest time…

  • Ehsbones

    I have applications on my screen but are not in the application menu in the advanced options. How can i get rid of them.

  • Lora_x_

    Can you delete the email application on your blackberry? as i have attempted the above… however it does not give me a ‘delete’ option for the email…. but the delete option comes up for applications that i have downloaded myself…. would be very greatful for any advice ….thanks

  • Roshniesg

    ik kom niet verder dan geavanceerde opties om mijn applicatie te verwijderen…hoe moet ik verder

  • Jc_santacruz

    how come i delete some apps frommy bb and i still having the icons on my phone. ( those icons apper in the MY WORLD APP BB ). can i delete forever those icons are trash …. HELP ME

  • Nuzath

    After i delete my application from BB phone. BOLD. It restarts the phone… is it the right behaviour??

  • Morita44

    i deleted the input language in spanish for the dictionary on the phone… is there any way to put it back on the phone??

    • Mr. Squidward

      try to ‘wipe’ the phone

  • Mimi

    can any one tell me where to find the advanced options on my device i have the latest verion 6.0 and am trying to find this option and its just not showing

  • I’ve been looking everywhere trying to find out how to set access permissions for my BlackBerry apps. Can’t be too careful after all. I also have to make room for some other new applications, so this will definitely become even handier in the future. Thanks!

  • I end up on a backdrop read-only page for the app. I accept a Blackberry Curve. Do you accept addition suggestion.

  • Katieboo

    does anybody know how to change the settings andnpermissions for apps on the playbook?

  • Lauren

    I’ve been messing with my curve 3g 9300 trying to get my email to work but my only question for anyone is: Does anyone know how to delete or get rid of already uninstalled AND/OR unavailable apps off the my world uninstalled apps tab? If it’s even possible

  • sukhwinder singh

    dear sir how to remove skype message and conversation in blackberry tab plz solve my problem

  • Salome

    If I remove Twitter and Yahoo messenger from my BB Curve 8930, will I still be able to access my other Apps like BBM and Facebook?

  • Jimmy Selix

    RE: Salome

    yes, those apps should be fine. 🙂

  • Perry

    How do I recover accidentally deleted apps on playbook.please help, I’ve mistakenly deleted bb bridge and then help apps which were preloaded in the os, can I I get back from the application world?

  • quinn

    i was on my blackberry playbook and i was at school, i saw after i closed my browser that the app for internet was not on there, and i sawthat there was a notice, i clicked it and this came up ‘array_insert invalid array index’ does anyone know what that means? plus i moved my apps around and saw it did the same thing, it deleted it, i check my general section and it says all the apps are there, can someone help me?

  • Me

    This didn’t work for me, but i found if I went to OPTIONS>DEVICE>APPLICATION MANAGEMENT it worked. 🙂

  • beatrice

    Help I wana delete some of my applications bt my delete button is giving me problems,is thr any other method tht I can use 2 remove my app

  • beatrice

    HELP I wanna remove some of my applications bt my dlt button is giving me problems,is there any other method tht I can use 2 remove my applications

  • george

    I tried that for my premisson but all the options are set to deny it won’t even let me edit the default I wiped my phone completely and tried again but it still won’t let me what should I do

  • Linda Higgins

    Hi customers helpline i need your help just to make sure what the website for my blackberry curve 8520 explain the instructions to me and i had alots of error after i delete the software facebook and twitter and email and my space is missing and lots of stuff is missing
    this is Linda Higgins from Dublin Ireland and I just want to explain that I am Partially deaf and special need so I am good on the computer and mobiles phone and I have a blackberry curve 8520 so I format my blackberry last week and there is a Error on my blackberry social network like facebook and twitter and my space software is missing and lots of stuff are wipe out how I get the facebook software when I went to security setting and then I click application installed I delete them by accident and that how email and facebook and twitter and my space so I got a bits of frustrated there is a error on my blackberry I find it very hard to understand on the video youtube so it is hard of hearing when I brought to factory Default setting and it not doing any good that facebook and twitter and my space and email wont come into my phone explain this give me a email step by step instruction and don’t forget to give me a website for that to bring the software back into my blackberry phone and here don’t forget to email me

  • rajab

    Help me application set is wrong

  • tiibouy

    I’m trying to download a new facebook app version I got a message that facebook has a module that is not compatible with the new version… I need to delete the old module buh it has been successful.. Pls I need this help so badly

  • Phidims

    Pls sir,
    ȋ̝̊̅̄ followed these proceedures but application acess is not allowing me to choose “allow” mostly is “custom”. And each time ȋ̝̊̅̄ load an app like opera or when ȋ̝̊̅̄ boot ma phone, whatsapp, pic story, or some apps ask to connect. Am just tired…tried allowing all at default, its not just walking!