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Mac OS X Tips: Basic tips for windows users


this is more of a list of ingredients than a recipe itself. just a few tips i’ve learned from my experience in using OS X from a windows user viewpoint. Quick notes about installing apps, shortcuts, reinstalling os, etc.

With the ability to run Win XP on a Mac, its pretty hard not to think about an Apple for your next computer/laptop. I have yet to purchase any new Mac (current is an old G4 that i picked up off one of my mac pals, she upgraded to a MacBook), but I have at least been trying out the OS X Tiger operating system.

Here are few tips I’ve learned and might be useful for any Windows users trying to use a Mac/OS X Tiger for the first time.

-Installing programs is almost too easy from our windows experience (even though i prefer the windows experience more so). Usually the application is in a .dmg format or a .sit, dmg files are disk images, while sit files are like mac zip files. Basically you just run the dmg or sit file and it will mount the application. Just open the application and you should either get a Install Here type icon or the application itself. If you get the application itself, just drag it into your Applications folder and voila; its installed! See, almost too easy eh?

-removing programs; too easy again, just move them to your Trash Bin. some that have installers will probably have an uninstaller you can run in the folder for that application (ie Adobe CS 2 )

-Alt+Tab in OS X Tiger is Apple + Tab; The Apple key is kind of the equivalent to Ctrl or Alt on Windows for shortcuts. A few other quick and basic Apple shortcut keys:
Apple + X = Cut
Apple + C = Copy
Apple + V = Paste
Apple + A = Select All

-Reinstalling the OS. The first times i started running OS X Tiger, i wanted to be sure that i knew how to do a full system/os reinstall if i needed or screwed up things pretty badly. Again, reinstalling is cake; you will need to have all of your OS X Tiger install cds handy.

If you can’t get to your OS or its a new harddrive; power up your mac, put in the first install cd, reboot your mac and when its booting hold down the Ctrl button to boot to CD/DVD. Once you do this, you’ll see the install screens for OS X Tiger come up. If you want, you can go reformat or repartition the harddrive or you can just install as is.

I’ve used a ton of different harddrives in my G4 and have not had any probs with any of them. Before having a G4, i really had no idea on what kind of compatibility that Macs had hardwarewise but they seem to be just like any other linux/windows pc. Also, i’ve used my NEC DVD burners in it and can burn dvds fine too (another thing i was not sure on; if you needed special dvd/cd burners or not).

-Connecting to a windows network; again very easy. Main thing you will need to do is to browse to the network through Finder > Networks > (name of your network) > (name of computer your accessing files from)

At first i kept going through workstations; also it may take a second or two for your network to appear too.

-Lastly, use the OS X Help menu! Shows you anything you need to know and walks you through doing it.



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