XP: How to Hide All System Tray Icons

A situation may arise that requires you to hide the system tray icons from the user. Keep reading to find out how to accomplish this.

This registry hack will hide all icons in the system tray.

1. Open up Notepad, and copy the following:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


2. Save the text file, and rename it to “XP_HideTrayIcons.reg.”

3. Then merge it into the registry by double-clicking it.

4. Log off, or end the explorer.exe process and restart it.

The user’s tray icons will be hidden. To undo this, simply change the value to zero.


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  • loppy


  • arjun

    hi how to change the value to zero…………..!

  • Jack

    This didnt work for me.

  • actualy i want to hide selected icon if possible plz know to me..

  • Dave B

    This sounded good, but I tried it on my laptop w/XP home, and it would not import into the registry either from within the registry or by double-clicking on it as the author instructed! What’s wrong??

    • Jeroen

      Copy all between lines to a text file

      Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


    • mark_wiki_pc

      you have to save it as a .reg


      hope this helps.

  • Anonymous

    what if i want to hide some tray icons not all of them what to do ..!

    • satyadev

      awesome ..i have been waiting for it for years

  • Irka_ska

    How to restore it back?

  • DreamsLover

    thanks you r help me so much thanks again

  • Ssss

    what about the registry version 5.1..their is no such file

  • SS

    How many of us asked for hiding just one icon and noone answered. If it is not possibile, it would be honest to say ,, no, it is not possibile”, and not just keep silence and pretend not hearing the question. Everyone knows that there are at least a few ways to hide all icons, but noone explained how to hide selected icon. Of course, there is the way to hide one single icon by some programs as PS Tray factoru, but they aren’t free.

  • Naveenkumar

    use icon hider software.